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Dukan Diet Major Decision Quit or Jump Ahead???

Day 90 and 91         PP or PV        170             October 31, 2011

Daily Loss:     no gain no loss
Total Loss:     36 lbs
Wt. to go:       16 lbs

Breakfast:     Oats in Custard, coffee

Snack:     3 pieces of Jennie o bacon with splenda sprinkled on it then cooked in microwave oven            and yogurt.

Lunch:     2 ounce hamburger, with some onion.

Supper:     French toast with Canadian bacon or tuna salad with cucumbers and pickles. 

Edited 10/31/2011      Oats in Custard   maybe Yogurt later if hungry

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I got up and ate my cold Oat Bran In Custard to soothe my stomach.  Then coffee before I remembered I was off my routine.

I have been suffering from some strange abdominal discomfort.  I do not know how long I can stay on this diet.  I am use to more veggies.  I spoke to my sister and we discussed my going on consolidation.   Tonight, I am still very uncomfortable.  I was hoping to be down ten more pounds, so I will give another few days.  In the meantime I will prepare for consolidation. I counted it up and that is 180 days of phase 3 and in 90 days I will be half way to final phase.

Gosh, I could go around the world.

In the meantime I will share this tidbit with you. I copied it from facebook, written by Dukan diet moderators.

Dukan Diet – US Hey Mary Jo Seberg – Unfortunately the book was written in a way where some information you need to know is in chapters beyond the Attack and Cruise phases and will assist you in the coaching program. For example – the True Weight calculation is explained in the Consolidation Chapter. Congratulations on joining coaching! We have a great staff here to help you every step of the way!”

Yes, the book is awkward. We noticed.


Dukan Diet Always Check With Your Doctor

Day     89          PP         170       October 29, 2011

Daily Loss:      1 lb
Total Loss:    36  lbs
Wt. to go:      16  lbs

Breakfast:     One T oat bran in Custard, coffee

Lunch:     Pork and onions, one Jennie O bacon sprinkled with splenda, yogurt

Snack:     One T oat bran in custard

Supper:     French toast Dukan style, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon

Yesterday I drank 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar in hopes it would reduce my water retention.  That may be the reason I lost weight today.  I was not expecting a weight loss since I had that lapse this week.  Directly after my lapse I had such terrible stomach pains I could hardly walk which I think is due to some garlic in the food.  (I cannot eat garlic.)  I think the whole thing boils down to the fact I am one lucky Irish woman.


I have been reading the chat sessions on the UK and French Dukan websites.  You have to be aware of the differences in the plans but it is interesting anyway. These web chats can be found by going to the website home page.  Scroll down until you see the box that looks like a running chat. Below that it says “Click here to zoom”.  When you click,  a pop up box with the last chat session appears.  The US Dukan website does not have this feature yet.  Google can translate the page for you if needed.   Keep in mind all these folks on chat are being coached.


Water:  too little not good, too much not good.

I see that they recommend reducing water intake for some problems which does not make sense to me.  A very high protein diet needs lots of fluids for the kidneys to operate properly.  It was my understanding that kidney damage could occur if water intake was restricted over a period of time with a high protein intake.  We need that high water intake to process the amounts of protein we consume.  On the other hand I have seen psychiatric patients who have ingested such enormous amounts of water until they have water intoxication and that is dangerous and can be a medical emergency and even fatal.  I would not reduce my water intake unless my personal physician recommended it.  This is my personal opinion it is not advice.  The intent here is to show you what the chat sometimes says, not to advise you on what to do or not do.  I follow the Dukan Diet Book on the subject and spread my water consumption thru out the day and drink his recommended amount.   Again the members of chat  are being coached by the Dr  Dukan and his staff.

Dukan Diet Forgives Burn Calories No Exercise

Day              88                       PP                                171.0                                                                                                       October 28, 2011

Daily Loss:      1.5   lbs
Total Loss:    35
Wt. to go:      17

I broke a barrier but the ups and downs of checking the scale every day is so tedious.  It will go up because of two things.  Firstly, that’s what happens to me.   I retain water or what ever and there is nothing I can do about.    And finally, I went off the diet and had a normal meal.  I will not talk about the contents of the meal but it satisfied one thing.  I miss complexity in my diet and variety.

But today is a new day and the diet is still on.  I will do 2 pp days since I am coming from 2 pv days.

Breakfast:     One tablespoon crepe recipe, coffee

Lunch:     One tablespoon Oats in Custard

supper:      Pork and onions

Snack:     Yogurt

According to Dr. Dukan, 1,400 calories a day is burned covering our metabolic requirements and  over half is used to keep our core at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are starting winter and the cold air is here.  According to Dr Dukan,  if we lower the temperature to 72 degrees Fahrenheit  you will burn an extra 100 calories.  (Same of running for 20 minutes.)

Suck on 5 to 6 ice cubes a day and burn 60 calories.  Eating cold food is easy if we make icy NF milk shakes flavored with NS flavoring.  If you can stand a cold shower for 2 minutes you would be a cold fool.

Drink your water icy cold.  Yes, I can do this.  I can put ice cubes in my second cup of coffee.  If you are cold outside, walk faster. I like to wear a scarf around my neck and it helps me tolerate the cold.  So long as the back of my neck is warm I am happy.  In The Dukan Diet book on page 120, Dr D has an outline a 420 calorie burning plan utilizing the cold.

I do recall living though a cold winter alone with only a wood stove and during cold snaps (18 degrees fahrenheit).  I had a difficult time eating enough food to maintain my weight.  When I moved to an apartment house I had to change my eating habits drastically despite being in a three floor walk up.





Dukan Diet Stagnation Comforting Read for Stall I can to It

Day 86    PV         172.5                       October 26, 2011

Daily Loss:  Zip, Zero, Zitch
Total Loss:  33.5
Wt. to go:    18.5

I forgot veggies yesterday so today is PV.

I copied this from Dukan Facebook today.  The following is written by a Dukan Moderator and I think she bring up good points.  I have faith in the coaching offered at their website but alas I can not afford it and be able to afford to do the diet.  I shortened the article a bit and made hopefully easier to read.

From   Dukan USA Facebook

‘I should have reached True Weight this past Monday. I think I am at a weight/in a weight range that my body “remembers” being at for awhile and wants to stay at. I also went beyond the weight I should have and have “daughter cells” (see page 115)- along with a few other “endocrinological challenges”.

I am confident that I can break through this – and am not giving up. There is no other place for me to go but to keep on doing this – it works! (see page 75 – I am choosing #2) I want to reach consolidation and I will not be happy to consolidate early. I can say that over the last few months – while my weight has hovered – I have lost about 10 more inches.

In talking with my weight loss partner who has lost 57 lbs. – he reminded me that in the book Dr. Dukan talks about cravings and a false hunger – which is your body tricking you into eating bad things you shouldn’t and eating more – even when you are full (see page 82). He also keeps reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day – we have both been overweight for a couple of decades – so so what if we don’t hit our True Weight on the date we were predicted to – we still will hit it!!

So I am armed with 1) trying to reduce my stress levels and get more sleep 2) get more exercise 3) when I am tempted to go off plan – remember that it is not real cravings or hunger and that it is my body trying to trick me so it can hang on to the fat.

And for those of you who are having a similar experience – please keep going! We can do this!’  Oct 26 read at 1130 am cst

Dukan Diet More on Diet Soda Sis’s Ginger Fish Recipe

Day 85         PP         172.5                October 25, 2011

Daily Loss:  No Loss    No Gain
Total Loss:     33.5   lbs
Wt. to go:      18.5    lbs

Breakfast:     Bran in custard, coffee

Snack:     Yogurt, Pork and onions (leftovers)

Lunch:     Tofu fries, Bran in custard

Dinner:     Hamburger (2 ounces) with onion, Chicken tender in gingerale with onions.  Yogurt

On October 23, 2011, this blog talked about diet soda and the rules (you can drink diet soda) and recommendations (limit diet soda to one a day).  I was a bit floored since I was under the impression that Dr Dukan said was an advocate of diet soda.  Remember I went out to and bought a case of diet soda.  (I rarely drink soda.)

I went back to reread the section where he talks about diet soda, (page 34 in The Dukan Diet USA version).  Basically he states diet sodas are great “allies” when no more than one calorie per glass. He discusses diet sodas in three paragraphs.  He never gives any indications we should limit diet sodas, I suggest you read the October 23 entry of this blog and Dr Dukan’s writings on diet soda so you can decide for yourself.

Looking for different tastes on pure protein day?  My sister raves on about her fish cooked in ginger sauce.  I finally tried it and yes it is very good.  Now I can eat frozen fish.  The dish can be adapted to a fry pan.

Sis’s Ginger Fish

1 fillet of fish like tilapia

1/3 cup Diet gingerale

Freshly finely grated ginger to taste (I use ½ to 1 teaspoon)

Soy sauce small dash

Black pepper to taste

Set oven 350/185.  Grate ginger into gingerale and allow to sit for 15 minutes or so.   Place fish in baking dish that will allow the fish to be almost covering the fish somewhat.  Drain gingerale mixture, discarding the grated ginger.  Add soy sauce to gingerale and pour over fish. Add black pepper to taste.  Bake until fish is cooked, using the 12 to 15 minutes per inch rule.  Yes, it is  Pure Protein recipe.

Dukan Diet 84 days Cruise Recipe Oat Bran in Custard

Day 84          PP          172.5                  October 24, 2011

Daily Loss:   Gain .5 lbs
Total Loss:        33.5
Wt. to go:          18.5

Breakfast:     Oats in custard, scrambled eggs and two pieces of crisp Jennie o.

Lunch:     Ginger fish leftover, one piece of pork.

Snack:     Yogurt

Supper:     French toast with Canadian bacon with caramel syrup

Snack:     Oats in custard

I must admit I had to check my list of Pure Protein Faves today when planning my daily foods.  I do tend to mix it around a bit.  I have two leftovers, fish and pork. Snacks are yogurt or frozen drinks.  I need to have options and plenty of choices.

Water requirement:  I have two-quart glass containers in the refrigerator at all times.  I also measure my glass containers to ensure I get my full amount. I stop counting after refilling them both once.  I do not include any other fluids in my water count.  And yes I have to force it down and sometimes flavor it (Sweet Leaf, Valencia Orange).  Sis and I concluded years ago that lots of water was the secret to successful dieting.   I make sure my water is ice-cold.  I filter my own water and do not drink from plastic bottles.  I also measure my glass containers to ensure I get my full amount.

If you have been reading my blog lately you know I start my day with this and it is my last snack of the day.  It is so filling, sweet, and rich.


Oats in Custard

½ cup of skim milk

1 Tablespoon of Oat bran

1 egg beaten

Splenda to taste.

Piece of vanilla bean  (opt)

On medium heat add oats, milk, and vanilla bean to sauce pan.  Heat to almost boil (do not burn) stirring frequently. Temper eggs by adding some hot oat mix to eggs while stirring eggs. Add rest of hot milk to eggs then return to pot stirring until it boils, stir constantly, it boils quickly..  Add splenda to taste and serve hot or cold.  Remove vanilla bean.

Reading Dukan Diet Website Musings, Rules and Recommendations

Day      83       PV         172                   October 23, 2011

Daily Loss:         .5 lbs
Total Loss:     34    lbs
Wt. to go:       18    lbs

Breakfast:     Coffee, pumpkin pie pudding, 1/2 bran in custard.  (All Dukanized.)

Lunch:      Scrambled eggs and turkey ham, a few pieces of pork and onions.

Snack:     NF Greek yogurt,  small piece of turkey meat loaf.

Supper:     6  Brussel sprouts,  fish in SF gingerale  and fresh ginger,  1/2 bran in custard.

Everyone is different and best thing about the Dukan Diet is it can be adjusted according to our own needs.  Rules are simple.  All else are recommendations only.

I copied the post below from Dukan US website from their forum section.  Below is moderator respond to a question about stagnation.  There are some important things we may surmise from this post.  Drink more water.  Give it time. Stagnation is normal.  Please read below, a response to a question about stagnation.

“To respond to your question, people often see stagnation as the event during which our weight fluctuates or we do not lose weight at all (or even gain weight)! This can occur to people in the Cruise Phase. The reason for this, however, is not because you are doing something wrong (at least, not usually and we can check your profile to make sure you are on track). Usually, the reason for this is because the fat burning process is different from the actual weight loss process. The explanation is a bit long, but when your body loses fat, the fat cells shrink. When the fat cells shrink, your body panics and retains water to fill those areas. Additionally, because of the release of fat, the body needs to retain even more water to detoxify yourself. Because of all this water that is retained, we often do not see actual weight loss or even a decrease in clothing size (at least not for a while). However, soon enough, your body realizes that the fat burning process is normal, releases all the water, and you experience a “whoosh” of weight loss. I hope this answers your question, but for next time I encourage everyone to open a new topic/thread when they have a question or topic that is unrelated to the first post.”

It is difficult to read the above without thinking of our hundreds of thousands of fat cells running around for water in cartoon fashion or visualizing the “release of fat”.

Here is another forum entry where the Dukan writer seems confused about the meaning of rules and recommendations. Please note, the moderator used an emoticon and it is not included.   Maybe the moderator, Tiffany, had a drink at lunch.  You can be the judge.

“Hi BabyLee

zero calorie, zero sugar diet sodas are allowed in the Dukan Diet. It can even be found in the book. The rules when it comes to diet soda are that you can drink it at any phase, but it is to be a treat to help with a sugar craving, not to be drunk as a fluid. When you’re thirsty drink water, not soda. Also It is recommended that you not have more than one can of diet soda a day.

Hope this helps  ”

Seriously, from my general readings about diets, researchers are able to define only that people who drink diet sodas lose weight more slowly than those who do not drink diet soda.  They do not know why.

I do recommend reading the Dukan Diet US website.  The forum is interesting but sparse in participation.

Everyone is different.  The best thing about this diet is can be adjusted.  Rules are simple.  The rest is recommendations only.

Keep it simple.

Dukan Rules Recommendations

Day 82      PP          172.5             October 22, 2011

Daily Loss:     1 lb
Total Loss:     33.8
Wt. to go:       18.5  Approximately

Finally a loss.  I thanked Dr D above but I want to thank all the support you all have given me. Without your support I would have given up .  Thank you all.  Bloggers are the best!!

I have a suggestion for everyone on Dr Dukan.  Make a list of your favorite Pure Protein meals.  It helps not only on pp days but also on PV days.  Oh and I read on Dukan face book that the PV meals must be 2/3 protein and 1/3 veggies.  Ugh. see below

“Dukan Diet – US ‎- eat 2/3 protein to 1/3 veggie ratio on your PV days. It sounds like you are eating too many veggies and your water retention is preventing you from showing the weight loss. Also cut back on dairy if you are eating a lot of yogurt, etc. Watch the fat in your proteins. Also watch sodium levels. Too hard to say what is going on without knowing every detail of what you are eating. Also amp up your exercise!”

I assume they are talking about cruise phase.  What I did yesterday was  add protein snacks like scrambled eggs with whites.  Greek yogurt contains twice the protein as regular yogurt but it does NOT double the carbs.  Good protein deal.  Oh course I will try to add egg white to things.  Egg whites is the best pure protein.  It has all the amino acids to make a complete protein.

Look at what I just found on the Dr Dukan US website forums.   Oh course it has been there for a while.  Does everyone know about this??

I think that the reason this diet is so hard is they do not tell you things like protein veggie ratio in the book.

“Darcy, we generally would not recommend more than 2 tolerated items per day on the Cruise Phase but it is dependent from person to person. Also, if you experience stagnation, you should just cut them out altogether. Hope this helps!”

That means if you make cookies with cocoa you have had your recommended “tolerated” foods for the day.  Keep in mind that condiments are a different category.

I think we have to remember that there are few rules.   All the other things are recommendations.

Breakfast:     Bran in Custard (tastes better each time I make it)

Snack:     Scrambled egg with egg white, 2 pieces of Jennie o bacon,

Snack:     FF Greek  yogurt with   SF peach flavoring. (Spoiling myself on PP days)

Supper:     Pork tenderloin with onions. Rest of bran in custard

Snack:      yogurt

Dukan Diet No Gain No Worry ; Pumpkin Pie Try Gone Bad or Really Bland

Day 81        PV            173.5                                           October 21, 2011

Daily Loss:      No Loss No Gain
Total Loss:        32.8      Lbs.
Wt. to go:           19.5      Lbs.

Breakfast:     Crustless pumpkin pie with caramel syrup, 3 cookies  and coffee

Lunch:     One egg and one egg white scrambled

Supper:     Eggplant topped with turkey and tofu red gravy,  Oat bran in vanilla custard

Snack:     Maybe yogurt or icy drink or if I am hungry, Vicki’s Chocolate eggs with SF  Chocolate syrup

I do round off the last digit of my weight.  Today I am 173.3 which is rounded to 173.5.     Dealing with every 0.1 is too awful.  It does all averages out.

All I need is a 2 lbs. loss this week to reach my personal goal set in my first posts.  It is not bad to lose 1 lb per week  or 1.5 lbs.  It is the direction that counts.  Dr D says to expect a slowing down of weight loss the closer we are to our TW true weight.

When I was reviewing my posts to gather list of PP faves I realized how long I have been sick.  I think it is due to three things.  Not learning to say no to others.  Getting into situations that are bad for breathing.  Going out in current weather, cold and very windy.

I missed an important anniversary because I am just not thinking.  I feel like I let my daughter down.  Stupid me.  Stupid me.  I have not been keeping my weight totals correctly and  lbs loss lbs to go are all screwed up.  I did change the loss total.  I have more than 17 lbs to go.   I have to lose  19.5 lbs to reach TW.   Oh well.  I am going to add PP days if I have any weight gain or if I do not lose my 2 lbs per week.


I made crustless pumpkin pie last night.  The recipe was off the back of the can.  I have made crustless pie before but sugar adds more than just a sweet taste, so I reduced the milk from 12 ounces to 8 ounces. (added 4 Tablespoons to the milk to get it closer to canned milk).  I added an additional egg to make up for structure loss.  I will admit I added no salt and it needed about half the amount required.    It may be OK with some SF chocolate syrup.  I will continue to experiment.

Dukan Diet Day 80 Pure Protein Favorites

Day  80        PP              173.5

Daily Loss:      NO LOSS      NO   GAIN
Total Loss:      28.2    Lbs
Wt. to go:        17       Lbs

Breakfast:   Coffee, Oat bran in custard

Snack:  Yogurt

Still only 17 lbs to go.  I am determined to enjoy very day that is a PP day.  I have only to choose from the following list.

Faves for PP day:

French toast with Canadian Bacon

Pork tenderloin with onions

Hamburger 93% lean 2 oz with a slice raw onion

Oat Bran in custard

Crepes vanilla

Gently cooked eggs

Jello made with Yogurt

Turkey bacon cooked to a crisp

Pina Colada  all NF NS frozen drink

Sis’s Ginger Fish                             (Added October 25, 2011)

Emergency  only  Vicki C’s  Chocolate eggs with chocolate syrup

(On PP days best to avoid Tolerated items like cocoa and baking powder.  Also good to avoid if stagnation occurs.)

Glad to post recipe again,  I have to work on my links.