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Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

Cruising along with Dukan Diet, Sale on Davinci Gourmet Flavorings

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Day 64      PV                      178                               October 6, 2011

Daily Loss:   No gain No loss
Total Loss:  28.3   lbs
Wt. to go:    23.7   lbs

breakfast   Bran cookies and coffee

Snack    2 pieces of Jenni O bacon microwaved

lunch     Sirloin burger salsa and lettuce

Supper    Vicki’s  Chocolate eggs with SF chocolate  syrup on top

Snack       Tea and yogurt

I still can not trust what I see on the scale.  Since I still have lots of Prednisone in my system.  I have been weighing myself and seeing the range of 174.6 to 180.8 lbs.   In one week life will get back to normal.  I am recovering and that is what is important.   The alternative is the hospital where there is a 20 to 30 lb puff in your body with Massive amounts of this drug.  No staying on Dukan then.  I have been following the diet now so all is well. Just a hiccup in the road. Bump on the bridge.

I have been trying to improve my PP days.  Looking at how much dairy and its carb count.  Avoiding tolerated foods, cooking my meat to well done,  and eating before I feel starved.

I have been busy with helping my friend out with Dr appts.   There was a fire in my building today.  We missed most of the excitement and we made the news again this week. 

There is a Davinci Gourmet sale. Buy two bottles and get the third free. Simply enter promotion code HP1011 at checkout to receive your discount. Please note: This discount will be applied to your order only when the code is used, so please be sure to enter HP1011 in the appropriate field when placing your order. Offer valid from 10/1/11 to 10/31/11. May be used in conjunction with our quantity discount of 10% off 12 or more bottles.

My favorites are sf  pineapple, sf coconut, and  sf peach.   Sooo good.  Always double check yourself that you are ordering sugar free.