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Daily Archives: October 4, 2011

Day 62 The Cruise Stall

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Day 62         PP        Tuesday             178                            October 4, 2011

Daily Loss:         No gain No loss
Total Loss:        28.3 lbs
Wt. to go:          23.7 lbs

Everyday is about the same in weight loss and weight gain (+ or – .02 lbs).  I am just saving all the math and daily groan.   My medications are now giving me more of an appetite everyday.  Two more days of the medication and then 6 to ten to get it out of my system.

Yesterday was very rough. After making my coffee, we lost electric service in my building.  I showered in the dark and then took my friend to the cancer institute. It was a surprise all day event and she insisted on taking me out to eat.   I could not say no to some fries and cheese.  I was so hungry and tired.  All they had to read at the cancer center were Woman’s Day with pictures of food on every page.  I changed my day to a PV day so I could eat fiber.

Today is a new day and I can deal with the events that may come my way.

I have been looking for liquid NS sweeter since reading on a Brit blog that they have no carbohydrates.  Our labelling laws allow manufactures to say “sugar-free”  even if the content is may contain some carbohydrates (o.4 gm).  It is my understanding that carbs are added to make the sweeter into a powder.  I need to do more research on this and will post the information.

I must take my friend, Agnes, to the hospital for a bone marrow test in the morning so I must prep some food to take and get some rest.