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Daily Archives: October 31, 2011

Dukan Diet Major Decision Quit or Jump Ahead???

Day 90 and 91         PP or PV        170             October 31, 2011

Daily Loss:     no gain no loss
Total Loss:     36 lbs
Wt. to go:       16 lbs

Breakfast:     Oats in Custard, coffee

Snack:     3 pieces of Jennie o bacon with splenda sprinkled on it then cooked in microwave oven            and yogurt.

Lunch:     2 ounce hamburger, with some onion.

Supper:     French toast with Canadian bacon or tuna salad with cucumbers and pickles. 

Edited 10/31/2011      Oats in Custard   maybe Yogurt later if hungry

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I got up and ate my cold Oat Bran In Custard to soothe my stomach.  Then coffee before I remembered I was off my routine.

I have been suffering from some strange abdominal discomfort.  I do not know how long I can stay on this diet.  I am use to more veggies.  I spoke to my sister and we discussed my going on consolidation.   Tonight, I am still very uncomfortable.  I was hoping to be down ten more pounds, so I will give another few days.  In the meantime I will prepare for consolidation. I counted it up and that is 180 days of phase 3 and in 90 days I will be half way to final phase.

Gosh, I could go around the world.

In the meantime I will share this tidbit with you. I copied it from facebook, written by Dukan diet moderators.

Dukan Diet – US Hey Mary Jo Seberg – Unfortunately the book was written in a way where some information you need to know is in chapters beyond the Attack and Cruise phases and will assist you in the coaching program. For example – the True Weight calculation is explained in the Consolidation Chapter. Congratulations on joining coaching! We have a great staff here to help you every step of the way!”

Yes, the book is awkward. We noticed.