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Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Dukan Diet The Future Where will we be?

Day 74       PV           174.8        October 14, 2011

Daily Loss:    1   lb
Total Loss:  31.5 lbs
Wt. to go:    18.3 lbs

At 7 am weight was 175.8 lbs.   At 9 am weight was 174.6 lbs.  Amazing.


Breakfast:    Vanilla crepe  made in fry pan with both reg cocoa (for the flavor) and Dutch cocoa (for the color).  Coffee

Lunch:   Rest of pork slices with onion, 2 very crisp Jennie-o bacon.  Ice coffee.

Snack:   NF Greek  yogurt

Supper:    Fried eggplant top with turkey tomato sauce. Sprinkle of soy  (or rice) cheese.

Snack:    NF Greek yogurt

I was surprised that dipping the eggplant in a beaten egg and fried Dukan style did very well.  Oh what a beautiful eggplant and I have more.  I think I must go ahead and cook and freeze them.  I have no choice. That or change my pv/pp.

I really think that this diet is getting more and more expensive.  The flavorings are essential.  I do not know what I will do without them but soon I will know.  Greek yogurt is high.  But it is the meat and fish that is so dear.  I do not like chicken.  Eggs are the more reasonable protein and the most versatile.  I waste veggies by not being able to have them everyday. And that makes them expensive.

I am use to having meat about once a week.  I am a lentil and rice gal.  I make may own bread.   Whole wheat, bran, and flaxseed bread.  I have peanut butter (organic),  1/2 tablespoon with my bread every morning.

How do I gain my weight?  I gain 5 to 15 lbs when I have to take steroids.  If it is in the hospital, I gain 25 to 40 lbs. ( It makes you want to kill for food when I give you large amount of steroids IV every four hours. )

Oh and yes,  I love to bake.  True I love to give my baked goods away.  But I love to eat them also.  Yes, I love ice cream.  I miss olive oil the most.

I have to figure out how much and how long this diet will take.  And how I will live with it.  Or how to adjust it to my life.