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Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Reading Dukan Diet Website Musings, Rules and Recommendations

Day      83       PV         172                   October 23, 2011

Daily Loss:         .5 lbs
Total Loss:     34    lbs
Wt. to go:       18    lbs

Breakfast:     Coffee, pumpkin pie pudding, 1/2 bran in custard.  (All Dukanized.)

Lunch:      Scrambled eggs and turkey ham, a few pieces of pork and onions.

Snack:     NF Greek yogurt,  small piece of turkey meat loaf.

Supper:     6  Brussel sprouts,  fish in SF gingerale  and fresh ginger,  1/2 bran in custard.

Everyone is different and best thing about the Dukan Diet is it can be adjusted according to our own needs.  Rules are simple.  All else are recommendations only.

I copied the post below from Dukan US website from their forum section.  Below is moderator respond to a question about stagnation.  There are some important things we may surmise from this post.  Drink more water.  Give it time. Stagnation is normal.  Please read below, a response to a question about stagnation.

“To respond to your question, people often see stagnation as the event during which our weight fluctuates or we do not lose weight at all (or even gain weight)! This can occur to people in the Cruise Phase. The reason for this, however, is not because you are doing something wrong (at least, not usually and we can check your profile to make sure you are on track). Usually, the reason for this is because the fat burning process is different from the actual weight loss process. The explanation is a bit long, but when your body loses fat, the fat cells shrink. When the fat cells shrink, your body panics and retains water to fill those areas. Additionally, because of the release of fat, the body needs to retain even more water to detoxify yourself. Because of all this water that is retained, we often do not see actual weight loss or even a decrease in clothing size (at least not for a while). However, soon enough, your body realizes that the fat burning process is normal, releases all the water, and you experience a “whoosh” of weight loss. I hope this answers your question, but for next time I encourage everyone to open a new topic/thread when they have a question or topic that is unrelated to the first post.”

It is difficult to read the above without thinking of our hundreds of thousands of fat cells running around for water in cartoon fashion or visualizing the “release of fat”.

Here is another forum entry where the Dukan writer seems confused about the meaning of rules and recommendations. Please note, the moderator used an emoticon and it is not included.   Maybe the moderator, Tiffany, had a drink at lunch.  You can be the judge.

“Hi BabyLee

zero calorie, zero sugar diet sodas are allowed in the Dukan Diet. It can even be found in the book. The rules when it comes to diet soda are that you can drink it at any phase, but it is to be a treat to help with a sugar craving, not to be drunk as a fluid. When you’re thirsty drink water, not soda. Also It is recommended that you not have more than one can of diet soda a day.

Hope this helps  ”

Seriously, from my general readings about diets, researchers are able to define only that people who drink diet sodas lose weight more slowly than those who do not drink diet soda.  They do not know why.

I do recommend reading the Dukan Diet US website.  The forum is interesting but sparse in participation.

Everyone is different.  The best thing about this diet is can be adjusted.  Rules are simple.  The rest is recommendations only.

Keep it simple.