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Daily Archives: October 22, 2011

Dukan Rules Recommendations

Day 82      PP          172.5             October 22, 2011

Daily Loss:     1 lb
Total Loss:     33.8
Wt. to go:       18.5  Approximately

Finally a loss.  I thanked Dr D above but I want to thank all the support you all have given me. Without your support I would have given up .  Thank you all.  Bloggers are the best!!

I have a suggestion for everyone on Dr Dukan.  Make a list of your favorite Pure Protein meals.  It helps not only on pp days but also on PV days.  Oh and I read on Dukan face book that the PV meals must be 2/3 protein and 1/3 veggies.  Ugh. see below

“Dukan Diet – US ‎- eat 2/3 protein to 1/3 veggie ratio on your PV days. It sounds like you are eating too many veggies and your water retention is preventing you from showing the weight loss. Also cut back on dairy if you are eating a lot of yogurt, etc. Watch the fat in your proteins. Also watch sodium levels. Too hard to say what is going on without knowing every detail of what you are eating. Also amp up your exercise!”

I assume they are talking about cruise phase.  What I did yesterday was  add protein snacks like scrambled eggs with whites.  Greek yogurt contains twice the protein as regular yogurt but it does NOT double the carbs.  Good protein deal.  Oh course I will try to add egg white to things.  Egg whites is the best pure protein.  It has all the amino acids to make a complete protein.

Look at what I just found on the Dr Dukan US website forums.   Oh course it has been there for a while.  Does everyone know about this??

I think that the reason this diet is so hard is they do not tell you things like protein veggie ratio in the book.

“Darcy, we generally would not recommend more than 2 tolerated items per day on the Cruise Phase but it is dependent from person to person. Also, if you experience stagnation, you should just cut them out altogether. Hope this helps!”

That means if you make cookies with cocoa you have had your recommended “tolerated” foods for the day.  Keep in mind that condiments are a different category.

I think we have to remember that there are few rules.   All the other things are recommendations.

Breakfast:     Bran in Custard (tastes better each time I make it)

Snack:     Scrambled egg with egg white, 2 pieces of Jennie o bacon,

Snack:     FF Greek  yogurt with   SF peach flavoring. (Spoiling myself on PP days)

Supper:     Pork tenderloin with onions. Rest of bran in custard

Snack:      yogurt