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Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Diet Dukan Scale Stuck Refuses to Fall Scale Stubborn

Day 77           PP           175.8                                        October 17, 2011

Daily Loss:     0, nada, zip, zilch, nil       No weight gain, No weight loss
Total Loss:    30.5 lbs.
Wt. to go:      19.3 lbs.

Breakfast:     Coffee, vanilla crepe pancakes  (cinnamon)

Snack:       2  Bacon Jennie-o crisp,

Late Lunch:    Turkey breast meat loaf, yogurt (flavored SF Irish Cream flavoring)

Supper:    More Turkey breast meat loaf,  yogurt

Snack:     Slo mo tea

I could always do a couple of PP days.  But I think I will just hang in there and stay with the program.  If I do not see results I will do something.  I made the worst tasting cookies tonight but at least they are chocolate.   (Potential crumbs for a crust or to sprinkle on yogurt.)  I made some sunshine souffle so I could make some french toast  (PP meal) .

Tomorrow I am bringing a friend to the doctor, an old boy friend.   Time to boil eggs  (Sandi’s,  flamidwyfe blog,  cure for away for the day and save your  dukan diet ) , and crisp up Jennie-o bacon.

I was reading recipes last night and saw one using cubed pieces of silken soy with a caramel sauce that has fresh ginger grated in it. Strain the caramel sauce before serving.  Think it would work?  Please soy people, what do you think???

I think that after reading and reading the diet, the more protein the better.  It is amazing how you must always stick with the book.  Read and reread.  The Dukan facebook page is so amazing, always saying the answer is clear it is in the book.

Moonday  of  My Dukan Diet Journal wrote to me about the high cost of the diet and really got me thinking about my reasons for starting and sticking to the diet.  Thank you,  Moonday.