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Dukan Diet Rebound Day 11 Medical Issues How to avoid cheating

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August 5, 2012    Day 11

Current weight 183.4

Daily loss:   2 lbs. since day 7

Total loss:    14 lbs

Wt to go:   29.4

Food for today

Two Oat bran cookies

Chicken leg and thigh dipped in Coconut syrup (sugar-free)

Skim milk 1 1/4 cup pineapple and Coconut SF syrup

1 cup of roasted veggies with olive oil and herbs

1 cup of Fat Free Greek Yogurt

Some of us have medical issues.  If you are older or have medical issues before you start the diet, talk to your Dr about it.  It is a high protein, low fat, low carb diet.  This diet is not for everyone.  What your Doctor advises is the most important thing.  He may instruct you to modify the diet to better fit your health status.  Doing the coaching program would be the best way to modify the program.  Again this diet is not for everyone.  Check with your Doctor.

I have special medical needs that changed the amount of Oat Bran I have daily.  Also my health needs have changed the amount of olive oil I consume.  At the present time the pain in my back and knees remind me to stay on the diet.

I do not cheat on the diet.  The cookies help.  I last year I would spurge on yogurt with sugar-free flavorings (pineapple and coconut).  Oh I loved the frozen drinks with skim milk, dry non fat milk, bit of yogurt, SF syrups of chocolate and hazelnut and tons and tons of ice.  I have a list of favs including peach with touch almond flavoring.  I am sure you could think of some tasty ones.  My sister taught me how to make floating island this year.  Spurge on Dukan diet,  save cheating on something else.


About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. It is important to not cheat… the Dukan diet doesn’t work if you do.

    In regard to speaking with your doctor… most docs know nothing about nutrition, unfortunately. You need to make sure you find a physician that has additional training in nutrition. They get a ONE DAY lecture in medical school and most of them give you information based on their personal beliefs, not scientific fact, when it comes to nutrition.

    That said, you know your body and what your needs are and have adapted the Dukan diet to those needs, which is what will make it successful. The neat thing about the bran (and I actually prefer flax seed to the bran… you should check it out!) is that it is mostly 0 net carbs, so the effect of adding a bit more to your diet doesn’t mess with the weight loss.

    You are doing SO well!!! And you’re under the “30 pounds to lose” mark!!! Woot!!!

    • I edited my blog to make clearer the discussion of medical issues. Hi protein diets are not for everyone. Everyone is in charge of their own body and I am not suggesting a Medical physician write out what I can eat but when my MD says to eliminate Dairy products I modify my diet accordingly.

      There are more examples even more extreme. But I strongly stand by the statement “if you have medical issues check with your MD before starting the diet”.

      From what I have read high protein diets can increase the work load on certain vital organs, but you should discuss this with your physician.

      Meanwhile I wish I could do more exercise. It is a great to walk when I can. In 10 lbs the pain will go away in walking and my breathing will be easier.

      The oat bran is used for fiber and in a desperate attempt to keep my MD from increasing my medication (LDL too high). Isn’t flax seed higher in fat?? I love them so and miss them. Do you grind yours?


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