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Daily Archives: October 21, 2011

Dukan Diet No Gain No Worry ; Pumpkin Pie Try Gone Bad or Really Bland

Day 81        PV            173.5                                           October 21, 2011

Daily Loss:      No Loss No Gain
Total Loss:        32.8      Lbs.
Wt. to go:           19.5      Lbs.

Breakfast:     Crustless pumpkin pie with caramel syrup, 3 cookies  and coffee

Lunch:     One egg and one egg white scrambled

Supper:     Eggplant topped with turkey and tofu red gravy,  Oat bran in vanilla custard

Snack:     Maybe yogurt or icy drink or if I am hungry, Vicki’s Chocolate eggs with SF  Chocolate syrup

I do round off the last digit of my weight.  Today I am 173.3 which is rounded to 173.5.     Dealing with every 0.1 is too awful.  It does all averages out.

All I need is a 2 lbs. loss this week to reach my personal goal set in my first posts.  It is not bad to lose 1 lb per week  or 1.5 lbs.  It is the direction that counts.  Dr D says to expect a slowing down of weight loss the closer we are to our TW true weight.

When I was reviewing my posts to gather list of PP faves I realized how long I have been sick.  I think it is due to three things.  Not learning to say no to others.  Getting into situations that are bad for breathing.  Going out in current weather, cold and very windy.

I missed an important anniversary because I am just not thinking.  I feel like I let my daughter down.  Stupid me.  Stupid me.  I have not been keeping my weight totals correctly and  lbs loss lbs to go are all screwed up.  I did change the loss total.  I have more than 17 lbs to go.   I have to lose  19.5 lbs to reach TW.   Oh well.  I am going to add PP days if I have any weight gain or if I do not lose my 2 lbs per week.


I made crustless pumpkin pie last night.  The recipe was off the back of the can.  I have made crustless pie before but sugar adds more than just a sweet taste, so I reduced the milk from 12 ounces to 8 ounces. (added 4 Tablespoons to the milk to get it closer to canned milk).  I added an additional egg to make up for structure loss.  I will admit I added no salt and it needed about half the amount required.    It may be OK with some SF chocolate syrup.  I will continue to experiment.