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Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Dukan Diet Stagnation Comforting Read for Stall I can to It

Day 86    PV         172.5                       October 26, 2011

Daily Loss:  Zip, Zero, Zitch
Total Loss:  33.5
Wt. to go:    18.5

I forgot veggies yesterday so today is PV.

I copied this from Dukan Facebook today.  The following is written by a Dukan Moderator and I think she bring up good points.  I have faith in the coaching offered at their website but alas I can not afford it and be able to afford to do the diet.  I shortened the article a bit and made hopefully easier to read.

From   Dukan USA Facebook

‘I should have reached True Weight this past Monday. I think I am at a weight/in a weight range that my body “remembers” being at for awhile and wants to stay at. I also went beyond the weight I should have and have “daughter cells” (see page 115)- along with a few other “endocrinological challenges”.

I am confident that I can break through this – and am not giving up. There is no other place for me to go but to keep on doing this – it works! (see page 75 – I am choosing #2) I want to reach consolidation and I will not be happy to consolidate early. I can say that over the last few months – while my weight has hovered – I have lost about 10 more inches.

In talking with my weight loss partner who has lost 57 lbs. – he reminded me that in the book Dr. Dukan talks about cravings and a false hunger – which is your body tricking you into eating bad things you shouldn’t and eating more – even when you are full (see page 82). He also keeps reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day – we have both been overweight for a couple of decades – so so what if we don’t hit our True Weight on the date we were predicted to – we still will hit it!!

So I am armed with 1) trying to reduce my stress levels and get more sleep 2) get more exercise 3) when I am tempted to go off plan – remember that it is not real cravings or hunger and that it is my body trying to trick me so it can hang on to the fat.

And for those of you who are having a similar experience – please keep going! We can do this!’  Oct 26 read at 1130 am cst