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Dukan Diet 5 Winning Secrets July 31,2012

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July 31 2012  Day 7  Pure Protein

Current weight:   185 lb

Daily loss:    0.9  lbs

Total loss:    12.4  lbs

Wt to go:    31  lbs

Disclaimer #1:  My nephew had his first child yesterday and I am so happy and excited.  Little Joseph Charles.

Disclaimer # 2:  About the 12.4 lb 7 day loss, I do not believe either.  I know if I went to the doctors tomorrow it would show a 2 lb loss.  I expect that.

These winning secret work.  I will start of with 5 secrets today.

1.  The most important thing is to read the book.  “The Dukan Diet” book.  I read the USA version.

2.  Read part of the book every day.  The most successful dieter will tell you start again from the       beginning to the end each time you read it.  The more weight you need to lose the more important it is to do this.  I learn this from my friend Sandi.

3.  Use the Buddy system.  My sister was on the Dukan Diet and talking about it all the time.  I wisely started the diet knowing both our odds were better if we dieted together.  This was long distance 3 months after the USA version of  “The Dukan Diet” book was printed.  Feedback is needed. Give good supportive feed back.  More on the buddy system later.

4.   Use your free on-line resources as much as possible.  The Dukan Diet websites are great.  Get your target weight from there.  (Coaching is now available from the US site. It was not available when I started round 1.  It is available for a reasonable fee.)  Dukan Diet also has a fab facebook page that is worth checking out daily.  (Join free facebook for access.)

5.  Water, Water, Water.  To get the best results drink the advised daily fluid intake in the form of water.  This is a protein diet and in order for the protein thingy (read the book for protein thingy process) You must drink water.  I try to time fluids around food intake.  If you can not drink water, I strongly recommend you get approval from your Doctor to go on this diet.  I drink more than the recommended water but that is up to you.  Too little or Too much water can cause problems for any one.  You know your body.  If you are unsure go to a Doctor. Or better yet join coaching.

Food today so far

Coffee with Cookie 1 T oat bran cookie

1 cup of smooth move

3 slices of turkey bacon

Cup of oat bran in custard (1 egg and 1 egg white)

I drumstick chicken

Later:  one or two hamburger with SF catsup and slice raw onion,

Snack available:  Yogurt or another cookie

I thought I published this last night.  I guess I was too tired.  Sorry Folks.


Dukan Diet Always Check With Your Doctor

Day     89          PP         170       October 29, 2011

Daily Loss:      1 lb
Total Loss:    36  lbs
Wt. to go:      16  lbs

Breakfast:     One T oat bran in Custard, coffee

Lunch:     Pork and onions, one Jennie O bacon sprinkled with splenda, yogurt

Snack:     One T oat bran in custard

Supper:     French toast Dukan style, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon

Yesterday I drank 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar in hopes it would reduce my water retention.  That may be the reason I lost weight today.  I was not expecting a weight loss since I had that lapse this week.  Directly after my lapse I had such terrible stomach pains I could hardly walk which I think is due to some garlic in the food.  (I cannot eat garlic.)  I think the whole thing boils down to the fact I am one lucky Irish woman.


I have been reading the chat sessions on the UK and French Dukan websites.  You have to be aware of the differences in the plans but it is interesting anyway. These web chats can be found by going to the website home page.  Scroll down until you see the box that looks like a running chat. Below that it says “Click here to zoom”.  When you click,  a pop up box with the last chat session appears.  The US Dukan website does not have this feature yet.  Google can translate the page for you if needed.   Keep in mind all these folks on chat are being coached.


Water:  too little not good, too much not good.

I see that they recommend reducing water intake for some problems which does not make sense to me.  A very high protein diet needs lots of fluids for the kidneys to operate properly.  It was my understanding that kidney damage could occur if water intake was restricted over a period of time with a high protein intake.  We need that high water intake to process the amounts of protein we consume.  On the other hand I have seen psychiatric patients who have ingested such enormous amounts of water until they have water intoxication and that is dangerous and can be a medical emergency and even fatal.  I would not reduce my water intake unless my personal physician recommended it.  This is my personal opinion it is not advice.  The intent here is to show you what the chat sometimes says, not to advise you on what to do or not do.  I follow the Dukan Diet Book on the subject and spread my water consumption thru out the day and drink his recommended amount.   Again the members of chat  are being coached by the Dr  Dukan and his staff.

Dukan Diet Forgives Burn Calories No Exercise

Day              88                       PP                                171.0                                                                                                       October 28, 2011

Daily Loss:      1.5   lbs
Total Loss:    35
Wt. to go:      17

I broke a barrier but the ups and downs of checking the scale every day is so tedious.  It will go up because of two things.  Firstly, that’s what happens to me.   I retain water or what ever and there is nothing I can do about.    And finally, I went off the diet and had a normal meal.  I will not talk about the contents of the meal but it satisfied one thing.  I miss complexity in my diet and variety.

But today is a new day and the diet is still on.  I will do 2 pp days since I am coming from 2 pv days.

Breakfast:     One tablespoon crepe recipe, coffee

Lunch:     One tablespoon Oats in Custard

supper:      Pork and onions

Snack:     Yogurt

According to Dr. Dukan, 1,400 calories a day is burned covering our metabolic requirements and  over half is used to keep our core at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are starting winter and the cold air is here.  According to Dr Dukan,  if we lower the temperature to 72 degrees Fahrenheit  you will burn an extra 100 calories.  (Same of running for 20 minutes.)

Suck on 5 to 6 ice cubes a day and burn 60 calories.  Eating cold food is easy if we make icy NF milk shakes flavored with NS flavoring.  If you can stand a cold shower for 2 minutes you would be a cold fool.

Drink your water icy cold.  Yes, I can do this.  I can put ice cubes in my second cup of coffee.  If you are cold outside, walk faster. I like to wear a scarf around my neck and it helps me tolerate the cold.  So long as the back of my neck is warm I am happy.  In The Dukan Diet book on page 120, Dr D has an outline a 420 calorie burning plan utilizing the cold.

I do recall living though a cold winter alone with only a wood stove and during cold snaps (18 degrees fahrenheit).  I had a difficult time eating enough food to maintain my weight.  When I moved to an apartment house I had to change my eating habits drastically despite being in a three floor walk up.





Dukan Diet 84 days Cruise Recipe Oat Bran in Custard

Day 84          PP          172.5                  October 24, 2011

Daily Loss:   Gain .5 lbs
Total Loss:        33.5
Wt. to go:          18.5

Breakfast:     Oats in custard, scrambled eggs and two pieces of crisp Jennie o.

Lunch:     Ginger fish leftover, one piece of pork.

Snack:     Yogurt

Supper:     French toast with Canadian bacon with caramel syrup

Snack:     Oats in custard

I must admit I had to check my list of Pure Protein Faves today when planning my daily foods.  I do tend to mix it around a bit.  I have two leftovers, fish and pork. Snacks are yogurt or frozen drinks.  I need to have options and plenty of choices.

Water requirement:  I have two-quart glass containers in the refrigerator at all times.  I also measure my glass containers to ensure I get my full amount. I stop counting after refilling them both once.  I do not include any other fluids in my water count.  And yes I have to force it down and sometimes flavor it (Sweet Leaf, Valencia Orange).  Sis and I concluded years ago that lots of water was the secret to successful dieting.   I make sure my water is ice-cold.  I filter my own water and do not drink from plastic bottles.  I also measure my glass containers to ensure I get my full amount.

If you have been reading my blog lately you know I start my day with this and it is my last snack of the day.  It is so filling, sweet, and rich.


Oats in Custard

½ cup of skim milk

1 Tablespoon of Oat bran

1 egg beaten

Splenda to taste.

Piece of vanilla bean  (opt)

On medium heat add oats, milk, and vanilla bean to sauce pan.  Heat to almost boil (do not burn) stirring frequently. Temper eggs by adding some hot oat mix to eggs while stirring eggs. Add rest of hot milk to eggs then return to pot stirring until it boils, stir constantly, it boils quickly..  Add splenda to taste and serve hot or cold.  Remove vanilla bean.

Dukan Diet and My Cholesterol

Day 46   PV          Friday                  wt 181.3     September 16

Daily Loss:      0.9 lb
Total Loss:    24.7 lb

Wt. to go:      27.3 lb

I had my cholesterol taken at a health fair and the results were very good,  169.  I run about 200.  Never had it close to this good.

My blood sugar after eating all day was 111 which is also excellent.  So all is good news.

This mostly protein diet can be tough on the kidneys.  That is why it is important to drink a lot of water and maintain a low sodium diet according to Dr Dukan.   I imagine it must be tough on the liver as well.  I am going to have  a liver profile done before Christmas.

Mayo Clinic say “a high-protein diet may cause or worsen liver or kidney problems because your body may already have trouble eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism. ”  Glad they agree with me since it only makes sense.  Dr Dukan does not address the liver, except as a food.  But this is a good reason not to drink alcohol at all until celebration time.  A bit dangerous for the liver and probably the kidneys,  in my opinion.  I hope I remember all that holiday time in Florida.

It is hard for me to give my food intake today.   I like to eat small amounts all day long since I do not want to get hungry away from home.

First 9 am  Coffee 2 bran cookies, qt of ice-cold water.  Half cup sf jello with some ff yogurt

10am to 4pm   Ate a wonderful pork tenderloin I cooked and sliced last night.   I kept having a slice between errands, with one qt of water.    Had slice of low-fat cheese at the store.

At four I cooked  a bunch of veggie  (frozen stir fry veggies that were desperate to be cooked) with an onion and 2 turkey bacon slices.

After 5,  if I am hungry I will eat ground beef with tomato.

Be good to your body,  it is good for you.  And you deserve all good things.

Thinking Ahead on Dukan Diet

Day 36    PP   Tues 183.6

Daily Loss:  0
Total Loss: 22.4
Wt. to go: 29.6

No weight loss no worry.  Time to examine what I did yesterday and what I consumed.  I will then look ahead with confidence.

Water not enough water.

I am trying to drink 2 quarts of water a day.  I know that Dr Dukan  says any liquid counts but based on personal experience water does count.  During a successful diet that Sis and I were on together  (1991),  we both found that we lost weight when we were consistent with water intake.  The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to drink water.

Make that water cold to use up more calories.  Another cheap and easy thing to do.   Eating all this protein is probably hard on the kidneys so let us be good and drink plenty of water so the kidneys can work properly.  Two quarts of water is plenty.

This diet has side effects.

Unfortunately, constipation is a problem and not a pleasant one.  That problem is one that I truly hate and there is no easy answer.  Dr Dukan said in his book or on Dukan US  Facebook page, to replace one tablespoon of oat bran with wheat bran to see if that well help.  I feel less lethargic on oat bran and the change did not help.

Thinking ahead on Dukan diet is important on days when there is no weight loss.  I am looking forward to my vacation with my sister at Christmas time in Florida.

Walking on Destin, Florida beach at sunset