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Day 5 Dukan diet Restart French chef is what I need – send cook and maid home.

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July 29, 2012  Day 5  Protein and Vegetable day

Current weight  186.7

Daily loss:    l lb      Yes I gained it yesterday and it is true.( Things come out in the ‘awash’.

Total loss:    10.7

I have got to check on Protein counts but thank you Sandi.  I did not get to do much today.  My boiled egg was squashed when I sat on it today.  Grabbing on the run does not work.

I will repeat a PV day tomorrow since I did not do well on veggies.

One T Oat bran cookie with black coffee. .

One custard with oats 1 T

1/2 hamburger from yesterday( I forgot I did not eat)

Two fists (size) of steak with mushrooms and onions, 6 grape tomato, a bit of meat saved for tomorrow

Nice bowl of Greek yogurt one cup 20 g protein

Hope to get a cookie in tonite

Able to buy turkey bacon, eggs expensive due to drought but snagged some for soy eggs. 



About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. You’re doing great… your diet on this post is awesome! Make sure you get out for a walk and stop squishing those poor eggs! LOL


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