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Daily Archives: October 16, 2011

Dukan Diet Still in the Up, Up, and Down, Down

Day 76        PV           175.8            October 16, 2011

Daily Loss:   Water loss 1 lb     (Need 1 more to be even with lowest of this week 174.8 lbs)
Total Loss:   30.5  lbs
Wt. to go:     19.3  lbs

Breakfast:   Vanilla Crepes made with Hazelnut flavoring.  (1 Tablespoon Oat bran)

Lunch:      Coffee and conversation  I forgot to eat

Supper:    Eggplant Dukan top with tomato sauce with turkey and tofu

Snack:      Microwave cookie

I had 3 small but beautiful eggplants and only a cup of homemade tomato sauce.   I stretched  it with more spices and tomato paste but it only had a 1/3 lb of ground turkey.  I added 1/2 lb of tofu and cooked it 30 min.  I was so shocked it tasted so good.  Tofu is going to be my answer to the high cost of protein.  The slices of eggplant dipped in egg cooked up well.  I now have 3 serving for future PV meals.  I did have to add some salt to the sauce (allergy to garlic).

I had a great cheer up today.   I forced myself to stay awake all day and got some stuff done,  able to get a note off to my darling daughter and got a call from Sis, who sounded so tired.  I still have not had time on a PV day to make something with pumpkin.  For the holidays there has to be one very good pumpkin recipe.  Any ideas?