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Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Dukan Duchess 17 lbs to GO

Day 78    and   79     PP       PV             173.5              October 18, 2011      October 19, 2011


Daily Loss:       2.3   lbs   ( The 1 pound was water )
Total Loss:     28.2    lbs
Wt. to go:       17       lbs

Breakfast:    Oat bran cooked in 1/2 c skim milk, thicken with one beaten egg, sweetened

Snack:     One hard-boiled egg. one slice Jennie extra crisp

Late lunch:    French toast,  SF caramel syrup 2 slices Canadian bacon

Late snack:  NF greek yogurt

Torture day too long,  too much.  Home very late 10:30 and I do not drive in the dark.  Bed very late.  Slept badly and woke late.  Bad.  No time to take care of me.  Lungs bad.


Today’s meals.

Breakfast:  Coffee with cookies 1/2 bran dose.

Snack :  yogurt

lunch:  Eggplant topped with turkey tofu spicy sauce, Chocolate shake NF NS

Snack:  small piece of salmon, one slice Jennie-o bacon.

Defrosting a small steak to have with string beans and brussel sprouts.  I hope to make a pumpkin dessert to work on my holiday menu, but I am sleepy.  Oh, I did weigh today but I do not remember what it was.

Hope all are well