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Dukan Diet Too Expensive? Tips on Saving Money on groceries

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Please share your money-saving ideas and tips.  Not every tip will help everyone but let’s share!!

August 6, 2012   Day 12

Current weight:    182.6 lbs

Daily loss:    0.8 lbs

Total loss:    13.8 lbs

Wt. to go:    28.6 lbs

Food intake

Oat bran cookies 2 with coffee

Chicken breast

Greek yogurt one cup

Dukan recipe French Toast with 3 slices of Canadian bacon.

Oat bran in custard with splenda on top

Food prices are rising.


I went to buy eggs at Costco the other day and found they were a dollar higher than 2 days earlier.  Yes folks one day $1.79 for 18 eggs and then up to $2.79.  I did not buy them because I had to get over my shock and then do some math.  Eggs increased from  10.4 cents each to 15.5 cents each.  Shaken I went to Aldi’s to get some mushrooms for 69 cents and eggs there cost 99 cents per dozen  ( 8.3 cents each).  This week Aldi’s egg price is 69 cents/dozen ( 6 cents each).  I am looking at eggs since they are the cheapest source of protein available.  Six grams of protein for one egg is a lot of protein is your biggest bargain available.    At Costco 15 1/2  cents delivered 6 grams of protein and at Aldi’s  15 1/2  cents gives me 15 grams of protein.

The Dukan diet is a high protein low-fat diet.  Egg whites are the least expensive complete protein and lowest fat protein food available.

My sister hates eggs but buys organic eggs to eat.  She makes Floating Island with regular eggs and never complains about the eggs.  She loves custard and never complains the cheap eggs I use and oh she likes the stuffed eggs.  I add extra egg whites to anything I can.  Explore egg recipes with a new eye.

The best idea at the right time I ever got was from my friend Sandi who told me I should put a couple of hard-boiled eggs in my pocket when I leave the house and have not control over lunch time.  I do not care for hard boil eggs but like them much better than greasy salty food that I can get stuck eating  sometimes.  Sandi loves Chinese tea eggs and you can find her recipe for them at her website.

Nutrition Facts of eggs

The Egg White

According to the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC), the average egg contains about 6.29 grams of protein, 3.6 of which come from the egg white. In addition to proteins, other nutrients found in the egg white are riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and sodium. Of the 72 calories in an egg, the white comprises around 17.

Read more:

One large 2 oz. whole egg without the shell contains 6 g protein. Of this protein, 3 g is contained in the egg yolk and 3 g in the egg white.

Additional nutritional information for one large egg without the shell, according to Kathleen Mahan in “Krause’s Food, Nutrition, & Diet Therapy,” includes 75 g water, 80 calories, 6 g fat, 274 mg cholesterol in the yolk, 1 g carbohydrate, 28 mg calcium, 90 mg phosphorus, 1 g iron, 65 mg potassium, 69 mg sodium, 55 mg zinc, 260 IU vitamin A, 0.04 mg thiamin, 0.15 mg riboflavin, a trace amount of niacin, 0 mg ascorbic acid and 24 mg folic acid.
Read more:

Dukan Diet Rebound Day 11 Medical Issues How to avoid cheating

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August 5, 2012    Day 11

Current weight 183.4

Daily loss:   2 lbs. since day 7

Total loss:    14 lbs

Wt to go:   29.4

Food for today

Two Oat bran cookies

Chicken leg and thigh dipped in Coconut syrup (sugar-free)

Skim milk 1 1/4 cup pineapple and Coconut SF syrup

1 cup of roasted veggies with olive oil and herbs

1 cup of Fat Free Greek Yogurt

Some of us have medical issues.  If you are older or have medical issues before you start the diet, talk to your Dr about it.  It is a high protein, low fat, low carb diet.  This diet is not for everyone.  What your Doctor advises is the most important thing.  He may instruct you to modify the diet to better fit your health status.  Doing the coaching program would be the best way to modify the program.  Again this diet is not for everyone.  Check with your Doctor.

I have special medical needs that changed the amount of Oat Bran I have daily.  Also my health needs have changed the amount of olive oil I consume.  At the present time the pain in my back and knees remind me to stay on the diet.

I do not cheat on the diet.  The cookies help.  I last year I would spurge on yogurt with sugar-free flavorings (pineapple and coconut).  Oh I loved the frozen drinks with skim milk, dry non fat milk, bit of yogurt, SF syrups of chocolate and hazelnut and tons and tons of ice.  I have a list of favs including peach with touch almond flavoring.  I am sure you could think of some tasty ones.  My sister taught me how to make floating island this year.  Spurge on Dukan diet,  save cheating on something else.

Restart of Dukan Diet Day 7 12 Lbs loss I eat too much oat bran

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August 1, 2012    Day 7    Restart of Dukan Diet

Today is a PV Day… Protein + Veggies

Current weight:  185.4 lbs

Daily loss:    gain .4 lb

Total loss:    12 lbs

Wt to go:    31.4 lbs

Please be aware that I violate the oat bran rule to prevent the problems that caused me to drop the Dukan diet last year.

Food for the day

2 slices turkey bacon (4 g protein)

Coffee with 2 oat bran cookies  (6 g proteins  10 g carb)

Oat bran in custard   (19 g protein  15 g carb )

Slice tomato with 3 slices bacon  (6 g protein )

One boiled egg white  (4 g protein)

1 cup of cooked/wilted spinach

8 ounces Fat Free yogurt  (24 g protein)

Two cups of roasted veggies  (cauliflower, tomato, onions, mushrooms with olive oil and herbs)

One  97% fat free kosher hot dog boiled to death   (to lower sodium and fat) (6 g protein and 3 g carb)

1 oat bran cookie    (3 g protein 5 carb)

I did not figure out the net carbs.

I must have a cholesterol test tomorrow.  If it does not come out well he will insist I increase my medication.  I do believe I will have oat bran and take those extra calories to get my cholesterol down.

I will pack breakfast of 1 kosher hot dog with mustard sauce, one cup of oats in custard  and two hard-boiled eggs  and tons of water.  And if the Dr is threatening to increase my medication, I will try to keep my intake of vodka down.  Better bring cookies.

New product or new to me discovered.  It is ” true lemon ” packets.  “NO calories  No carbs”.  One packet equals 1 lemon wedge.  Oh, it is so good in Greek yogurt with splenda ( 3 packets of each).  Best treat.  It is described as “cold pressed and crystallized lemon”.  Please read the label carefully.  I plan to make frozen pops out of it.

Dukan Diet 5 Winning Secrets July 31,2012

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July 31 2012  Day 7  Pure Protein

Current weight:   185 lb

Daily loss:    0.9  lbs

Total loss:    12.4  lbs

Wt to go:    31  lbs

Disclaimer #1:  My nephew had his first child yesterday and I am so happy and excited.  Little Joseph Charles.

Disclaimer # 2:  About the 12.4 lb 7 day loss, I do not believe either.  I know if I went to the doctors tomorrow it would show a 2 lb loss.  I expect that.

These winning secret work.  I will start of with 5 secrets today.

1.  The most important thing is to read the book.  “The Dukan Diet” book.  I read the USA version.

2.  Read part of the book every day.  The most successful dieter will tell you start again from the       beginning to the end each time you read it.  The more weight you need to lose the more important it is to do this.  I learn this from my friend Sandi.

3.  Use the Buddy system.  My sister was on the Dukan Diet and talking about it all the time.  I wisely started the diet knowing both our odds were better if we dieted together.  This was long distance 3 months after the USA version of  “The Dukan Diet” book was printed.  Feedback is needed. Give good supportive feed back.  More on the buddy system later.

4.   Use your free on-line resources as much as possible.  The Dukan Diet websites are great.  Get your target weight from there.  (Coaching is now available from the US site. It was not available when I started round 1.  It is available for a reasonable fee.)  Dukan Diet also has a fab facebook page that is worth checking out daily.  (Join free facebook for access.)

5.  Water, Water, Water.  To get the best results drink the advised daily fluid intake in the form of water.  This is a protein diet and in order for the protein thingy (read the book for protein thingy process) You must drink water.  I try to time fluids around food intake.  If you can not drink water, I strongly recommend you get approval from your Doctor to go on this diet.  I drink more than the recommended water but that is up to you.  Too little or Too much water can cause problems for any one.  You know your body.  If you are unsure go to a Doctor. Or better yet join coaching.

Food today so far

Coffee with Cookie 1 T oat bran cookie

1 cup of smooth move

3 slices of turkey bacon

Cup of oat bran in custard (1 egg and 1 egg white)

I drumstick chicken

Later:  one or two hamburger with SF catsup and slice raw onion,

Snack available:  Yogurt or another cookie

I thought I published this last night.  I guess I was too tired.  Sorry Folks.

DAY 3 Dukan Diet Restart 10.5 in three days ??

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Daily loss:    4.8 lbs

Current weight:    186.9 lbs

Total loss:    10.5 lb

Wt to lose:    32.5 lb

The first time I did Dukan diet,  it was almost 2 weeks before I saw any loss.  So why do I see on restart 10.5 lbs wt loss,  one year minus 8 days later??  Most important I will not fool myself into thinking  “Wow” one quarter the way there.

First everyone is different.  I learned, after weighing every day last year for 90 plus days, I have a pattern of weight loss.  I could go 2 weeks without any loss and then it would be a few days of lots of great progress and then nothing, no loss and even some gain.  My pattern.

I am doing great if I lose 6 to 8 lbs a month.  That is the bottom line.  It does not work out faster than that.

But still 10.5 pounds in 3 days.  This year I started cold.  Last year I was on a 1200 calorie a day diet before Dukan and that influenced my body. ( It was hard to give up peaches, blueberries, and mostly dry creamer for my coffee.)

I never cheated.  I recorded what I ate to help me stay accountable.  And I will do the same this year.

I will miss the support of my sister who started Dukan a month before I did last year.  We could diet together  a thousand miles apart.  My diet buddy.  Sis is in Ireland this summer, studying Irish this summer.  Eating Irish cooking of her ‘House Mom’ who sounds like a good cook who serves healthy food the old fashion way.

I still have her support thru her recipes and advice.  I just need to read last year’s blog.
Also a great support was my friend Sandi who I found on the internet. I was so discouraged with 20 and 30 year olds, complaining how hard it was to give up the beer or what ever.  How hard and what a struggle.  Wanting to be 110 when their healthy weight is 124.
Dear Sandi was found !!!  Someone who had some life experience.  Someone managing to be on dukan with a hot plate only.  Living in Dubai and later China who had little access our abundant American market.  Never complaining, cleverly sourcing out things like fat free yogurt and other things.  She had to lose more than a few vanity pounds to lose also.  Sandi has reached her goal and is doing the diet to its completion.  Blogging faithfully every day.  Winning awards for it as well.  Here she is

or Just google:  Flamidwyfe dukan

My meals                                                                                                          All  coffee black.

Coffee with dukan cookies (about 1/2 tablespoon of oat bran) 7 am and repeated at 3 pm.

Coffee with Oat Bran in custard.  One egg, one T Oat Bran.

2 cups of frozen defrosted vegetables with apple cider and splenda.

2 cup of shredded green curly cabbage with 2 slices of Canadian bacon one kosher hot dog (97%FF)

Lean beef size of tight fist ‘fried’ with ,one teasp bourbon, spry of olive oil, spring onion.

2 cookies to get the curly cabbage taste out of my mouth. ( 1/2 T Oat bran)

Lessons learned:   Wine, booze, still does not help the taste of beef, better save till off dukan.   Curly green cabbage does not cook down.  It is very tough and bitter tasting.  Buy regular green cabbage.
Call for recipes:  cooked cabbage. ( I love it but no fat please and no fruit.)

Dukan with extra fiber

Day 105   November 13, 2011    Consolidation day 166 out of 180   wt 170  True wt 154

Daily Loss: still retaining water
Total Loss:  41 or 36
Wt. to go: 16

I adjusted my total weight loss to include the weight I lost before going on Dukan.  I must give myself credit for all the weight I lost during the summer and the fall.

My days are mostly all PV I have not done a PP day since I am still constipated and that takes priority over all things.  Have increased my fiber is the first rule.

My body is better but not back to normal.  My main diet consists of a lot of bran in custard. I add egg white to increase the protein.  But fiber is the main stead and I am currently soaking kidney beans as I type.  The bread is in the machine with flaxseeds and lots of wheat and oat bran.

Breakfast:     Oat bran in custard, coffee.

Lunch :     Chicken soup with melted cheese and kidney beans.

Supper: Chicken soup with melted cheese, kidney beans, sliced of bread.

Snacks:  Yogurt with one cup of berries, Oat bran in custard.  Metamucil.

I finally got an email from Dr Dukan. I had signed up for coaching on August 2, when I started the diet but they never got back in touch with me until this week.  I guess it saved me a lot of money.  I have not had access to any chat sessions since I posted about it.

Dukan Plus Fiber

Day 97           Consolidation Days left 175 out of 180    Weight  169,5          TW154

November 6, 2011

Daily Loss:     3lbs   water ect. loss
Total Loss:   35.5 lbs
Diet adjusted to add fiber by order of Physician

I already loss the weight 4 days ago , my body has been retaining the weight.

Breakfast:     ½ Ezekiel muffin, ½ tablespoon organic salt free peanut butter**, coffee with creamer**, Oats in Custard.

Snack:     Apple small*

Lunch late:     Chicken stew with green veggies, squash, 1 cup frozen berries* with 1 cup nf Greek yogurt

Supper:     Oats in Custard

Today Calories 866,  Protein 62 g, Fiber 17 g, According to My Fitness Pal at

I could not access the European Dukan chat or the forums from the US website. I used My fitness pal to analyze what I ate yesterday.

Calories 727, Carbs 23g, Fat 23g, Protein 58 grams (13 grams above daily requirement on 1200 cal. Diet), Cholesterol 403 mg (all from Dukan legal), Sodium 600 mg, Sugars 39g, Fiber 16 g (plus 5 g from psyllium)

How do people get 30 g of fiber?

*  Added for fiber

** Added because I wanted it


Dukan Days Modified to add fiber

Day 95&96      Consolidation Days left 175 out of 180          Weight 173             TW154

November 5, 2011

Daily Loss: Gain 3 lbs
Total Loss:        32lbs

Breakfast:   Ezekiel muffin ½, 1 Tablespoon or less peanut butter**,coffee.

Snack:  1 small apple, pink lady to be exact.

Very late Lunch: (or whatever) Small gingered fish recipe, ½ small sweet potato*, one tablespoon Oats in Custard.

Supper maybe:  Baked chicken, one tablespoon Oats in Custard,one tablespoon psyllium fiber.

Late in the day and still have not finished oats from late lunch (in the freezer getting cold).  Lots to report.  Friday I got my medication assessment from my pharmacist and she reported that none of my medications are causing this severe constipation.  My Doctor said to monitor my fiber and get as much as possible, continue my water intake and take laxatives. And take other meds as well along the same lines.  I did not think I reach the age where I had to take laxatives all the time but he says that is where my body is.  I will continue Dukan modified of course.  My Oat bran of course but I will work first on fiber intake.

In the meantime I found some comments on Dukan facebook page worthy of being repeated here.

“Dukan Diet – US

It is said that dairy can promote the production of mucus. You can cut back on it if you wish. Drink a lot of hot liquids and eat spicy foods (use cayenne wherever you can). Not sure if the dairy-mucus relationship is true. I had a bad cold last week and still ate yogurt with no added symptoms. Yogurt has good stuff for your gut (probiotics) which have been shown to be beneficial to your immune system. So yogurt can help you get better I think. If you are going to cut back, do so on everything but the FF plain Greek yogurt.”

This is for Vicki C, the chocolate lover.  Please excuse the ad.

“Dukan Diet – US The quality of our Cocoa Powder is FAR superior to Hershey’s. We source it from the rarest and most high end cacao – called Criollo and it is 100% Organic. Criollo is less bitter and astringent than other cocoas. What the fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Criollo bean is to chocolate. Criollo chocolate has a distinctly reddish colour, and an equally distinctive complex taste which can include flavours of caramel, nuts, vanilla and tobacco.   I do not think my taste buds are that refined.”

*  Added for fiber non Dukan

** Added because I want it, non Dukan

Dukan Diet Consolidation Day 3 I am Learning to Cope

Day 94      Consolidation Days left 177 out of 180           Weight  170         TW 154    November 3, 2011

Daily Loss:   Gain .05 lbs.
Total Loss:        35      lbs.

Breakfast:     Oats in custard, scrambled eggs, ¼ muffin, ½ teaspoon peanut butter.

Snack:  2 pieces of Jennie o bacon

Lunch: One apple.

Supper:  Roast chicken, creamed potatoes, one bite of corn dish, cheese dip and corn chips and too many desserts.  Salty celebration meal.

Not much of an appetite and retaining fluids. I chickened out and did not have prune juice bomb.

I went to a potluck tonight.  There was terrible food except for Costco chicken that I brought.  No control when it came to deserts.  End to a volunteer project we all worked on this summer.  I also brought the music (Frank Sinatra).  (I would have preferred Tina Turner.)  Next one will be a salad at my favorite restaurant.  I have been refusing their food for 94 days.  I think this was a learning situation.  I should have not gone.  What a waste of calories.

Thank you to Vicki C. ( for the best website where I can quickly look things up and find ideas.  Thank you sooo much.    Thank you for your support and inspiration ( Dukan diet on a hot plate in China) Sandi .   Thank you Miss little at  for all your help.

Congratulation to me for getting one link working.






Day 93 Cranky Dieter Looking for Relief

Day 93         Consolidation Days left 178 out of 180        Weight   169.5     TW154  November 2, 2011

Daily Loss:   Gain   0.5 lbs
Total Loss:   35.5 lbs

Breakfast:     Ezekiel English muffin, organic, unsalted  ½ Tablespoon peanut butter, coffee. Oats in custard .

Lunch:     7 slices of fried okra.   2 pieces of Jennie o

Snack:      1 cup of frozen sf berries in one Tablespoon of yogurt and ¼ cup soy milk.

Dinner:     Ginger fish, ½ small sweet potato, and cucumber salad.  Oats in custard.

Snack:    Prune juice hot,   M.O.M.

The Ezekiel English muffins are BIG.  A serving size is ½ but I did not know till later so I ate ¾ of one.  Very expensive.  I am looking forward to making my own bread.  I can put in lots of bran and flax-seed. I control the ingredients. To me, wheat bran tastes very bitter, I put orange juice in and there is no bitterness.

I am feeling better.  Less pain.   I had 2 spoonfuls of Bragg apple cider vinegar.  No big whoosh yet.  I had the pharmacist review my medications and supplements to help me figure out why I have so many problems with elimination.  I do remember an old trick that worked at times and it is called the bomb.  Mix Milk of Magnesia in hot prune juice.  I would never suggest anyone try this.

I do not have much of an appetite. But I did work hard on making a nice supper and it was good. All Dukan style.  The very small sweet potato was chosen because of the high fiber content and great color.   I forgot to buy apples but had freezer burn berries and that worked out well.

I do resent that I am always finding out more when he could have been clearer.  I have added natural psyllium fiber (thank you Miss C) due to constipation.  Now, now just today I find this on facebook.

Dukan Diet – US Hi Ali–Dr Dukan approved 1 teaspoon of flax seeds as a tolerated item for constipation.”

Too little, too late.

List of US tolerated items would be helpful.  Direction on when to use tolerated and when not to. Clear directions.  Simple clear directions.  Not information scattered all over the book and now hidden in facebook.  They should be running well monitored  forums.

How long has this been on the NY Times best seller list??

I finally got my internet bill resolved.  3 tedious weeks down from $197.38 to $19.95.  “ Oh lady this new service costs nothing extra. No installation charge, no hidden charges. “  Good old AT&T trying to make money by lying to old ladies.  Three weeks of my supervisor will call you. They were waiting for me to give up.

I am sorry my Dear friends.  I am cranky also. Forgive me.