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WOW Dukan Diet Loss Again.

Day 39     PV      Friday   182.6                     Friday September 9 2011

Daily Loss:  1 lb
Total Loss:  23.4  lbs
Wt. to go:  28.6  lbs

Loss 1 Pound.  Wow.  I was hoping to  be stable.  I knew I was retaining fluid because I checked my legs but forgot to last night.  I just did not feel well yesterday and last night.  I decided not to go to exercise today.  Too much coughing.

I am looking forward to being halfway there soon.  Clothes wise I have a difficult choice.  Clothes are too large, but when to buy clothes?  There are big sales due to the change of the season.   I can live with large clothes for a long time.  I have plenty.  I will save to spend at the Destin, Florida outlets at Christmas time.  I know that I need to slow down and enjoy what is here now.

I just need to follow the program one day at a time.  Today is PV and I know I must eat more veggies to avoid the side effects.  I got some veggie last night and after giving away the sweet potato and apple.  I have a mess of green beans.  (‘mess’ means enough to cook.)  The green beans I have are called rattlesnake beans (they have blackish stripe on the green bean).

Rattle beans note the dark lines

When the bean is fully mature and a bit dry I imagine that when you shake it the beans sound like a rattle snake.  But that is just a guess.  I am going to cook it southern style, a bit of onion, some bacon (turkey) and lots of time.

1/2 onion and 3 slices of turkey bacon.

Add water or chicken broth and then time to cook down.

Note how the rattlesnake lines are gone.  This was soooo good.

I still have brocoli salad with cheese and bacon.  I did parboil it (boil in tons of water and plunge in ice water).  I makes brocoli look bright green.  This is how it looks cooling off in ice water.

Brocoli looking very green

I even timed it but it is about cooked and  I wanted green with more crunch.  Pretty.

So I always plan more than I eat.  but here is the plan.

Breakfast:  2 cups of black coffee.  2 chocolate Dukan cookies.

Snack:  Ground lean hamburger about 4 ounces with sausage spices (fennel seed, Italian mix spices, greek oregano and red pepper) cooked with large tomatoe cubed.  Sprinkle of veggie cheese and slice of veggie cheese.  12 Ounces of skim milk.

Lunch:  String beans with bacon and onion, brocoli salad,  and 3 oz of  grilled steak.

Snack:   Nf Greek yogurt flavored with sf peach flavoring.

Supper:  More Hamburger as in the am snack with milk and some veggies.

Snack:  Nf Greek yogurt flavored with sf peach.



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66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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