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Daily Archives: September 12, 2011

Dukan Diet Blues

Day 42              PP    Monday  184

Daily Loss: GAIN  +3.1  LB
Total Loss:
Wt. to go:

I know I know.  Yes I am not worried about it.  No surprise with the water weight.  Felt great til 10 am and then a ton of bricks hit me.  Exhaustion.

I am worried about  my friend, Aggie,who is having a biopsy sometime Wednesday.  I will go with her.  Yes, I need to get my food to take with me.

Breakfast:   Scrambled eggs 2 whole plus 1/4 cup whites,  coffee.

Snack:   3 slices of turkey bacon.  Jennie O. (Tastes like awful.)

Lunch:   Salmon from freezer.  Yogurt with peach flavoring.

Supper:  Meatballs with quick  sauce (skim milk cream cheese nutmeg and dry tarragon).  2 bran cookies

I am doing PP tomorrow because if possible I want my salmon and lettuce  PV on Wednesday depending on what happens in the morning.  Oh dear is that a full moon?