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Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Too busy Too Worry on Dukan diet

Day 37      PV  Wed 183.8

Daily Loss:  gain of .2
Total Loss:  22.2
Wt. to go:  29.8

I do retain fluid no matter what I do.  I need to stay the course and not stray.

Busy day with going to meet friends for ladies’ lunch.  I will post a picture of Grilled salmon on green lettuce.  Senior discount at grocery store today.  Going to exercise class with friend today.

I had only one cookie this am and am going to save the rest just in case for after exercise.  Must finish that chicken salad today so it is mid morning snack.

So tired of tropical storm Lee.  Rain 5 days.  Now it is cloudy, no rain.  We have set records for low temperatures  for the last few days.  High of 60 degrees F yesterday.  I can not complain.  Philly is so drenched with the ground not be able to take anymore rain. Floods and more rain there.

More later.