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Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Dukan Diet Blues side effect

Day 38       PP           Thursday September  8, 2011

Daily Loss:  0.2
Total Loss:  22.4
Wt. to go:  29.6

The worse side effect of this diet is boredom.  It is boredom of eating just protein.  It is very easy to follow just eat low fat meat, plain.  Flavors help ever so much.

The side effects of the diet (constipation and headaches) are annoying.  Most of the time I have some energy which is new for me.  So I do not like the days that I am dragging.  Stuck in neutral and struggling to get to first gear.  This diet gives me an answer:  eat more protein, pure protein.

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch.

Salmon Salad Mama Annie's, Huntsville, Alabama

The best part of the lunch was visiting with my dear friends.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

Here is another treat I made.  I love my flavors and enjoy thinking of all I can do with Pinnapple and Coconut.  Maybe in the blender with a little skim milk, powdered milk, tons of ice plus my flavors.  MMMM

Have a wonderful day.