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Daily Archives: September 16, 2011

Dukan Diet and My Cholesterol

Day 46   PV          Friday                  wt 181.3     September 16

Daily Loss:      0.9 lb
Total Loss:    24.7 lb

Wt. to go:      27.3 lb

I had my cholesterol taken at a health fair and the results were very good,  169.  I run about 200.  Never had it close to this good.

My blood sugar after eating all day was 111 which is also excellent.  So all is good news.

This mostly protein diet can be tough on the kidneys.  That is why it is important to drink a lot of water and maintain a low sodium diet according to Dr Dukan.   I imagine it must be tough on the liver as well.  I am going to have  a liver profile done before Christmas.

Mayo Clinic say “a high-protein diet may cause or worsen liver or kidney problems because your body may already have trouble eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism. ”  Glad they agree with me since it only makes sense.  Dr Dukan does not address the liver, except as a food.  But this is a good reason not to drink alcohol at all until celebration time.  A bit dangerous for the liver and probably the kidneys,  in my opinion.  I hope I remember all that holiday time in Florida.

It is hard for me to give my food intake today.   I like to eat small amounts all day long since I do not want to get hungry away from home.

First 9 am  Coffee 2 bran cookies, qt of ice-cold water.  Half cup sf jello with some ff yogurt

10am to 4pm   Ate a wonderful pork tenderloin I cooked and sliced last night.   I kept having a slice between errands, with one qt of water.    Had slice of low-fat cheese at the store.

At four I cooked  a bunch of veggie  (frozen stir fry veggies that were desperate to be cooked) with an onion and 2 turkey bacon slices.

After 5,  if I am hungry I will eat ground beef with tomato.

Be good to your body,  it is good for you.  And you deserve all good things.