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Daily Archives: September 4, 2011

Dukan Diet Day Day 34 Cruise Day 30

September 4, 2011

Daily Loss:   1.5  lbs
Total Loss:   21.4  lbs
Wt. to go:     30.6  lbs

Today is PP Pure protein

I am trying to be more organize, but do not worry folks this will not last.

This morning I had two chocolate cookies with coffee.  I will snack on yogurt.

Tomorrow it is labor day and I bought a smoked chicken to celebrate.  No sauce but rich with the hickory smoke.  So good.I will tear it apart and make a chicken salad for PP Tuesday,  freeze some for a quick grab (snack).  Today I will eat some with Marge mayo dip. For dessert a double helping of Jello/Yogurt.

Jello/Greek yogurt FF SF

Plain NF Greek yogurt has twice the protein and less carbs than other types of yogurt.  Less carbs is the name of the game.  Calories and carbs vary with different brands of all products.

Single servings of Jello/yogurt

Note I added a little sweetener with this brand.  It depends on taste.  I forgot to add a little extra water (ice cubes) because I like softer jello.  The little souffle dishes contain 1 cup to the brim.  Single servings stop me from eating the whole thing at once.

I will have french toast about for my big meal of the day, with a big glass of skim milk.  I will make extra turkey bacon for a big bowl of broccoli salad for PV day tomorrow.  Need to defrost some beef and pork.

I have to put off buying fish and having salmon out with my buddies on Wednesday.  Have to put the money somewhere else.  I have canned tuna for fish.  Next month.


Stay on Dukan Diet with More on Flavors

Dukan Diet Flavor Drawer

I had to showcase my favorite, peach.  The white top jars are flavors  Sis sent to me which include caramel, vanilla, cherry, chocolate, raspberry and  much more.  I also have my balsamic vinegar,  my cinnamon with splenda mixture, cocoa,  other flavorings that are not Dukan Diet approved  ( I am still working on reading labels looking for hidden carbs).  Please note my spray bottle of olive oil.

I keep all the stuff together for fast use and also to give me ideas.   It helps me stay on track.  I have options are so very important.  Choices is what helps a person stick to it. The Dukan diet can feel so narrow.

I keep all my measuring spoons and cups together for easier cooking.  I kept my rasp handy for grating lemon or limes, and I kept my funnel and whisk in the same area.  I have a vanilla bean there some where  (I love cool custard and have always made mine with skim milk).  So nice. Custard can be made into a drink (very Southern),  pudding, and best of all frozen.

Not pictured is my assortment of sf  jello.  I used them before I got my flavorings.  Oh and I love my jello made with half greek yogurt.  Love those treats.