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Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

Cooking My Faves Dukan Diet Must Haves

Daily Loss:   1 lb.
Total Loss:   19.9
Wt. to go:     32.1

I have been busy .

Dukan Diet Cooking

On the back of the stove, I have made 30 little meatballs, baked for 20 minutes in a 350F oven on foil to save on clean up.  I will pack 10 to each freezer bag for grab and run.  These have no bran, just spices, egg  and a bit of shallots.

In the front of the stove I have my bran cookies.  A tablespoon of oat bran in each cookie.  I goofed up with my chocolate cookies but my cinnamon ones (uncooked) have a perfect count.

I baked a  Sunshine Souffle which should be named French Toast bread.  It was so puffy but sinks as it should.  I am also wrapping the cookies letting the foil do double duty.

This picture is why I make sunshine souffle.

Great Eats

Dip slices (pieces) of sunshine souffle  into beaten whole egg.  Allow to brown on griddle.  Here you can see a pancake syrup that is legal but it is best with true cinnamon and a sweeter.  Serve with turkey bacon and with a glass of cold skim milk.  Supper for royalty.

A great treat with no guilt.  I think I will continue to make this on PP Thursdays.