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Daily Archives: September 1, 2011

Adding flavor to Dukan Diet

Flavorings are the spice of life in Dukan diet.  There are many kinds of flavorings to add to plain yogurt, milkshakes, and Sis’s special treat.  Italians add flavorings to make Italian sodas.

Sis loves Torani and purchases hers thru Amazon.  Right now there is a special, a pack of six 750 ml/bottles (Includes one bottle of each vanilla, hazelnut classic, caramel classic, chocolate, raspberry and Irish cream) for $36.81.  This qualifies for free shipping (over $25)  and there is a savers code (syrup443).  That comes to $5.52/bottle.  Fine tasting stuff.  I love their peach.

Sometimes it is cheaper to order thru the company online store.  I order thru them for the most up- to- date flavors.  Sign up for their newsletter to get codes and deals.

Again daVinci is another Italian flavoring company offering sugar free syrups.  It is available on Amazon and has an online store with newsletter.  DaVinci sells smaller bottles at Walmart in US.

Shop around for the best deals.  They never replace fruit but can provide relief and help diet compliance issues.  I shop all companies for all flavors.  Bought coconut from Torani but am waiting for delivery from daVinci for pineapple sf.  Be sure you are buying sugar free. Both companies sweeten with Splenda.

There are other flavorings available that sweeten with stevia.  Sweet Tea brand is sold in health food stores and online.  My friend, Valerie, loves chocolate and raspberry from Sweet tea brand.  They are more expensive $9 or more for 2 fl.oz./60ml.  They come with a dropper to measure 5 to 8 drops to your beverage or such.

Still smaller in ¼ oz. bottle that recommends 1 drop/1 ounce of food or drink is Capella.  Great size for a purse.  Very concentrated.  May need to add to water to dilute before adding to food.

I recommend going to Walmart to get a bottle of favorite type.  Then order on internet. Taste, brag, share recipes.  Sis uses a lot of sf ginger ale with fresh grated ginger to cook with.  I use a lot of cinnamon with stevia.

Beware of hidden calories and carbs.  Always read the label and look up words you do not understand.  Do not use sugar free maple syrups.

A bit of flavoring may help you stick to this diet.  Stay with it.