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July 30 2012 Dukan Diet Secret to Winning

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Dukan diet revisited

July 30, 2012  Day 6  PV

Current weight:    185.9  lb

Daily loss:    0.8  lb

Total loss:    11.5  lb

Wt to go:     31.9   lb

I  will be happy when I can say 30 lbs to lose otherwise I call it 30 ish lbs.  My weight this morning is not accurate.  I only remember I did not gain, think I saw a 5 there.  Last year I had difficultly remembering to weigh  myself.

Winning and losing go hand in hand.  If you do not try it is worse than losing because you deprive yourself of the chance of winning.

Always remember it is a numbers game.  You must lose some in order to win.  Failure is opportunity to win.  Must embrace failure to move forward.

Food for the Day.

2 cookies (2 T bran) with coffee

6 slices of bacon 12 small grape tomatoes with Sis’s mayo. ( tablespoon Greek yogurt, 2 to 3 dashes of Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar,  pinch of sweetner,  black pepper and salt)

Chicken breast

cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes oven roasted with fines herbs and (too much?)  olive oil, salt and pepper

1o ounces of Greek yogurt

too many tiny dukan cookies
I am embarrassed to report I fell asleep early.  I just need lots of rest.  So hot here.


Day 5 Dukan diet Restart French chef is what I need – send cook and maid home.

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July 29, 2012  Day 5  Protein and Vegetable day

Current weight  186.7

Daily loss:    l lb      Yes I gained it yesterday and it is true.( Things come out in the ‘awash’.

Total loss:    10.7

I have got to check on Protein counts but thank you Sandi.  I did not get to do much today.  My boiled egg was squashed when I sat on it today.  Grabbing on the run does not work.

I will repeat a PV day tomorrow since I did not do well on veggies.

One T Oat bran cookie with black coffee. .

One custard with oats 1 T

1/2 hamburger from yesterday( I forgot I did not eat)

Two fists (size) of steak with mushrooms and onions, 6 grape tomato, a bit of meat saved for tomorrow

Nice bowl of Greek yogurt one cup 20 g protein

Hope to get a cookie in tonite

Able to buy turkey bacon, eggs expensive due to drought but snagged some for soy eggs. 


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July 28, 2012  Day 4 PP DAY

Current weight  187.7

Daily loss:    gain .8

Total loss:   9.7

Wt to go:  33.7

I am surprised. I thought I would have gained 5 lbs.  I really want a French cook to have things ready for me.  Other than hard-boiled eggs, everything is difficult.  I like to scatter my oat bran, so cookies a problem.  Yesterday, I bought sardines in water.  I do not know if I like them.

And where is the French cook?????

Food for the day

Bran cookie one T oat bran with coffee black

Custard with one T oat bran

2 Hamburger with onion slice sugar-free ketchup

Another custard with oats

Yogurt Greek FF  1 1/2 cups

Sorry this is late. Went shopping with a friend and it was hot.   I fell asleep and the short of it did not wake till 14 hours later.  I am very heat intolerant.

DAY 3 Dukan Diet Restart 10.5 in three days ??

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Daily loss:    4.8 lbs

Current weight:    186.9 lbs

Total loss:    10.5 lb

Wt to lose:    32.5 lb

The first time I did Dukan diet,  it was almost 2 weeks before I saw any loss.  So why do I see on restart 10.5 lbs wt loss,  one year minus 8 days later??  Most important I will not fool myself into thinking  “Wow” one quarter the way there.

First everyone is different.  I learned, after weighing every day last year for 90 plus days, I have a pattern of weight loss.  I could go 2 weeks without any loss and then it would be a few days of lots of great progress and then nothing, no loss and even some gain.  My pattern.

I am doing great if I lose 6 to 8 lbs a month.  That is the bottom line.  It does not work out faster than that.

But still 10.5 pounds in 3 days.  This year I started cold.  Last year I was on a 1200 calorie a day diet before Dukan and that influenced my body. ( It was hard to give up peaches, blueberries, and mostly dry creamer for my coffee.)

I never cheated.  I recorded what I ate to help me stay accountable.  And I will do the same this year.

I will miss the support of my sister who started Dukan a month before I did last year.  We could diet together  a thousand miles apart.  My diet buddy.  Sis is in Ireland this summer, studying Irish this summer.  Eating Irish cooking of her ‘House Mom’ who sounds like a good cook who serves healthy food the old fashion way.

I still have her support thru her recipes and advice.  I just need to read last year’s blog.
Also a great support was my friend Sandi who I found on the internet. I was so discouraged with 20 and 30 year olds, complaining how hard it was to give up the beer or what ever.  How hard and what a struggle.  Wanting to be 110 when their healthy weight is 124.
Dear Sandi was found !!!  Someone who had some life experience.  Someone managing to be on dukan with a hot plate only.  Living in Dubai and later China who had little access our abundant American market.  Never complaining, cleverly sourcing out things like fat free yogurt and other things.  She had to lose more than a few vanity pounds to lose also.  Sandi has reached her goal and is doing the diet to its completion.  Blogging faithfully every day.  Winning awards for it as well.  Here she is

or Just google:  Flamidwyfe dukan

My meals                                                                                                          All  coffee black.

Coffee with dukan cookies (about 1/2 tablespoon of oat bran) 7 am and repeated at 3 pm.

Coffee with Oat Bran in custard.  One egg, one T Oat Bran.

2 cups of frozen defrosted vegetables with apple cider and splenda.

2 cup of shredded green curly cabbage with 2 slices of Canadian bacon one kosher hot dog (97%FF)

Lean beef size of tight fist ‘fried’ with ,one teasp bourbon, spry of olive oil, spring onion.

2 cookies to get the curly cabbage taste out of my mouth. ( 1/2 T Oat bran)

Lessons learned:   Wine, booze, still does not help the taste of beef, better save till off dukan.   Curly green cabbage does not cook down.  It is very tough and bitter tasting.  Buy regular green cabbage.
Call for recipes:  cooked cabbage. ( I love it but no fat please and no fruit.)

Dukan Diet Restart Day 1 and 2 July 26, 2012

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Restart Day 1&2 July 26, 2012

Restart wt:  197.4

Day 2 weight:   191.7

Two days of PP and tomorrow I will have first PV day.   I am restarting because of gaining 30 lbs since last Thanksgiving and more importantly my knees are killing me.  I had to stop last year because of stomach problems.  I am still on the same meds so I will be having the same problems with stagnation and water weight gains.  I will modify the program to get more fiber.  Will be at 2 to 3 tablespoons of Oat bran every day.  If I need to I will go to a 2 or 3  PV days to one PP day and see if I can tolerate that.  I have to go to the website to get my weight profile.

I decided to think about it seriously but found myself in the grocery store and decided I would begin in the morning and stop thinking.  Getting the food lined up was tough.  I eat homemade bread with natural peanut butter in the morning and lots of brown rice and beans.

I need to get back into the habit of planning what I am going to have to eat.

Save my eggs for custard with oats.  Do not forget hand food (boiled eggs and cookies) and always have it on hand.

I must admit it is easier the second time around.  I will read Dukan every day and my favorite blog