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Dukan Diet 5 Winning Secrets July 31,2012

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July 31 2012  Day 7  Pure Protein

Current weight:   185 lb

Daily loss:    0.9  lbs

Total loss:    12.4  lbs

Wt to go:    31  lbs

Disclaimer #1:  My nephew had his first child yesterday and I am so happy and excited.  Little Joseph Charles.

Disclaimer # 2:  About the 12.4 lb 7 day loss, I do not believe either.  I know if I went to the doctors tomorrow it would show a 2 lb loss.  I expect that.

These winning secret work.  I will start of with 5 secrets today.

1.  The most important thing is to read the book.  “The Dukan Diet” book.  I read the USA version.

2.  Read part of the book every day.  The most successful dieter will tell you start again from the       beginning to the end each time you read it.  The more weight you need to lose the more important it is to do this.  I learn this from my friend Sandi.

3.  Use the Buddy system.  My sister was on the Dukan Diet and talking about it all the time.  I wisely started the diet knowing both our odds were better if we dieted together.  This was long distance 3 months after the USA version of  “The Dukan Diet” book was printed.  Feedback is needed. Give good supportive feed back.  More on the buddy system later.

4.   Use your free on-line resources as much as possible.  The Dukan Diet websites are great.  Get your target weight from there.  (Coaching is now available from the US site. It was not available when I started round 1.  It is available for a reasonable fee.)  Dukan Diet also has a fab facebook page that is worth checking out daily.  (Join free facebook for access.)

5.  Water, Water, Water.  To get the best results drink the advised daily fluid intake in the form of water.  This is a protein diet and in order for the protein thingy (read the book for protein thingy process) You must drink water.  I try to time fluids around food intake.  If you can not drink water, I strongly recommend you get approval from your Doctor to go on this diet.  I drink more than the recommended water but that is up to you.  Too little or Too much water can cause problems for any one.  You know your body.  If you are unsure go to a Doctor. Or better yet join coaching.

Food today so far

Coffee with Cookie 1 T oat bran cookie

1 cup of smooth move

3 slices of turkey bacon

Cup of oat bran in custard (1 egg and 1 egg white)

I drumstick chicken

Later:  one or two hamburger with SF catsup and slice raw onion,

Snack available:  Yogurt or another cookie

I thought I published this last night.  I guess I was too tired.  Sorry Folks.

July 30 2012 Dukan Diet Secret to Winning

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Dukan diet revisited

July 30, 2012  Day 6  PV

Current weight:    185.9  lb

Daily loss:    0.8  lb

Total loss:    11.5  lb

Wt to go:     31.9   lb

I  will be happy when I can say 30 lbs to lose otherwise I call it 30 ish lbs.  My weight this morning is not accurate.  I only remember I did not gain, think I saw a 5 there.  Last year I had difficultly remembering to weigh  myself.

Winning and losing go hand in hand.  If you do not try it is worse than losing because you deprive yourself of the chance of winning.

Always remember it is a numbers game.  You must lose some in order to win.  Failure is opportunity to win.  Must embrace failure to move forward.

Food for the Day.

2 cookies (2 T bran) with coffee

6 slices of bacon 12 small grape tomatoes with Sis’s mayo. ( tablespoon Greek yogurt, 2 to 3 dashes of Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar,  pinch of sweetner,  black pepper and salt)

Chicken breast

cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes oven roasted with fines herbs and (too much?)  olive oil, salt and pepper

1o ounces of Greek yogurt

too many tiny dukan cookies
I am embarrassed to report I fell asleep early.  I just need lots of rest.  So hot here.

Diet Dukan Scale Stuck Refuses to Fall Scale Stubborn

Day 77           PP           175.8                                        October 17, 2011

Daily Loss:     0, nada, zip, zilch, nil       No weight gain, No weight loss
Total Loss:    30.5 lbs.
Wt. to go:      19.3 lbs.

Breakfast:     Coffee, vanilla crepe pancakes  (cinnamon)

Snack:       2  Bacon Jennie-o crisp,

Late Lunch:    Turkey breast meat loaf, yogurt (flavored SF Irish Cream flavoring)

Supper:    More Turkey breast meat loaf,  yogurt

Snack:     Slo mo tea

I could always do a couple of PP days.  But I think I will just hang in there and stay with the program.  If I do not see results I will do something.  I made the worst tasting cookies tonight but at least they are chocolate.   (Potential crumbs for a crust or to sprinkle on yogurt.)  I made some sunshine souffle so I could make some french toast  (PP meal) .

Tomorrow I am bringing a friend to the doctor, an old boy friend.   Time to boil eggs  (Sandi’s,  flamidwyfe blog,  cure for away for the day and save your  dukan diet ) , and crisp up Jennie-o bacon.

I was reading recipes last night and saw one using cubed pieces of silken soy with a caramel sauce that has fresh ginger grated in it. Strain the caramel sauce before serving.  Think it would work?  Please soy people, what do you think???

I think that after reading and reading the diet, the more protein the better.  It is amazing how you must always stick with the book.  Read and reread.  The Dukan facebook page is so amazing, always saying the answer is clear it is in the book.

Moonday  of  My Dukan Diet Journal wrote to me about the high cost of the diet and really got me thinking about my reasons for starting and sticking to the diet.  Thank you,  Moonday.

Dukan Diet The Future Where will we be?

Day 74       PV           174.8        October 14, 2011

Daily Loss:    1   lb
Total Loss:  31.5 lbs
Wt. to go:    18.3 lbs

At 7 am weight was 175.8 lbs.   At 9 am weight was 174.6 lbs.  Amazing.


Breakfast:    Vanilla crepe  made in fry pan with both reg cocoa (for the flavor) and Dutch cocoa (for the color).  Coffee

Lunch:   Rest of pork slices with onion, 2 very crisp Jennie-o bacon.  Ice coffee.

Snack:   NF Greek  yogurt

Supper:    Fried eggplant top with turkey tomato sauce. Sprinkle of soy  (or rice) cheese.

Snack:    NF Greek yogurt

I was surprised that dipping the eggplant in a beaten egg and fried Dukan style did very well.  Oh what a beautiful eggplant and I have more.  I think I must go ahead and cook and freeze them.  I have no choice. That or change my pv/pp.

I really think that this diet is getting more and more expensive.  The flavorings are essential.  I do not know what I will do without them but soon I will know.  Greek yogurt is high.  But it is the meat and fish that is so dear.  I do not like chicken.  Eggs are the more reasonable protein and the most versatile.  I waste veggies by not being able to have them everyday. And that makes them expensive.

I am use to having meat about once a week.  I am a lentil and rice gal.  I make may own bread.   Whole wheat, bran, and flaxseed bread.  I have peanut butter (organic),  1/2 tablespoon with my bread every morning.

How do I gain my weight?  I gain 5 to 15 lbs when I have to take steroids.  If it is in the hospital, I gain 25 to 40 lbs. ( It makes you want to kill for food when I give you large amount of steroids IV every four hours. )

Oh and yes,  I love to bake.  True I love to give my baked goods away.  But I love to eat them also.  Yes, I love ice cream.  I miss olive oil the most.

I have to figure out how much and how long this diet will take.  And how I will live with it.  Or how to adjust it to my life.



Last day phase one

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Well, I weigh 15 st and 1 lb. My goal weight is 10 st and 10 1/2 lbs. Which I will get to 4 days after my sister’s birthday.I have 4 days of attack and am struggling to get thru them. I know I will get use to the sweeteners.

Thanks Sis for the tip of just carrying yogurt with oat bran in a cup and run out the door. Today I added a sprinkling of crystal light stuff for flavoring and it help. A paper cup will make it easier next time. Thanks Sis.

I went to the Green Street farmers’ market yesterday to pick up some herbs and eggplant and then could not remember if eggplant was on the list of permitted food. Got it anyway and since I am so lucky, yes it was on the list. Tomorrow August 6th I will stat my first PV day. Eggplant awaiting me. Will buy lettuce tomorrow (or spinach).

Did not prepare for this diet correctly. I started because I ran out of creamer for my coffee. I decided I would just put if off if I did not just start right away. I had read about the attack phase and quickly decided I had lots of ff yogurt, some frozen meat, tons of organic eggs and oat bran, so what was stopping me. So I jumped in before I had my morning coffee.


1. Finish working on the frig. Purge and clean

2. Finish working on the cabinet. Purge and clean. Store bread making supplies to extend shelf life.

3. Finish that shopping list (When heat and budget allows.)

4. Continue

Goals this week:
1. Increase walking to 25 min a day by Monday.

2. Work on other exercise. Reconnect wii by Saturday nite.

3. Copy of permitted veggies in purse by Saturday.

4. Work on water method.

5. Sweetener problem. Test alternatives.

6. If four hours of sleep, wake up earlier 30 mins/day. till 6 am by next Wednesday.