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Progress on Dukan Diet

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I have a few things to report.  First I bought a new scale.  It is just like what  Sis has and what a difference.  But not in the weight but in seeing the scale.  I was never sure where that line was pointing to even after my eye surgery.  I knew I was under two hundred but now I can report a weight of 188 but expect that a load of fluid escaped.  Yesterday morning,  I thought I was 195 in my old scale.  My weight for testing the scale yesterday was 197.88 in the  middle of the day with shoes on.  No matter what happens I can see the weight on the new digital scale.

Secondly, I have a few things to say about recipes.  I have reworked my cookie recipe to put more sweeter in it and add cocoa.  So wonderful to do cookies for the week.  I made two double batches, cinnamon and chocolate.  So nice to start the day with cookies and coffee.  This is something I can live with long after I finish this thing.

I love the ease of frozen baked tiny meatballs that I made.  I had help in to dust and I needed to eat quickly and the meatballs did the job.  It was an experiment I did when I had two much meat for the size of the pan.  Quickly made meatballs while I waited for supper to cook.

I will post new recipes soon.  Today I will make Sunshine Casserole so I can eat lots of french toast with turkey bacon.  PP day today.  I like the idea Sis has for making the days of the week the same.  For example, Mon, Wed, Fri will be  always PV days and Sat, Sun, Tues, Thurs, will be PP days.   I will see what she comes up with.