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Daily Archives: July 29, 2012

Day 5 Dukan diet Restart French chef is what I need – send cook and maid home.

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July 29, 2012  Day 5  Protein and Vegetable day

Current weight  186.7

Daily loss:    l lb      Yes I gained it yesterday and it is true.( Things come out in the ‘awash’.

Total loss:    10.7

I have got to check on Protein counts but thank you Sandi.  I did not get to do much today.  My boiled egg was squashed when I sat on it today.  Grabbing on the run does not work.

I will repeat a PV day tomorrow since I did not do well on veggies.

One T Oat bran cookie with black coffee. .

One custard with oats 1 T

1/2 hamburger from yesterday( I forgot I did not eat)

Two fists (size) of steak with mushrooms and onions, 6 grape tomato, a bit of meat saved for tomorrow

Nice bowl of Greek yogurt one cup 20 g protein

Hope to get a cookie in tonite

Able to buy turkey bacon, eggs expensive due to drought but snagged some for soy eggs. 


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July 28, 2012  Day 4 PP DAY

Current weight  187.7

Daily loss:    gain .8

Total loss:   9.7

Wt to go:  33.7

I am surprised. I thought I would have gained 5 lbs.  I really want a French cook to have things ready for me.  Other than hard-boiled eggs, everything is difficult.  I like to scatter my oat bran, so cookies a problem.  Yesterday, I bought sardines in water.  I do not know if I like them.

And where is the French cook?????

Food for the day

Bran cookie one T oat bran with coffee black

Custard with one T oat bran

2 Hamburger with onion slice sugar-free ketchup

Another custard with oats

Yogurt Greek FF  1 1/2 cups

Sorry this is late. Went shopping with a friend and it was hot.   I fell asleep and the short of it did not wake till 14 hours later.  I am very heat intolerant.