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Dukan Diet The Future Where will we be?

Day 74       PV           174.8        October 14, 2011

Daily Loss:    1   lb
Total Loss:  31.5 lbs
Wt. to go:    18.3 lbs

At 7 am weight was 175.8 lbs.   At 9 am weight was 174.6 lbs.  Amazing.


Breakfast:    Vanilla crepe  made in fry pan with both reg cocoa (for the flavor) and Dutch cocoa (for the color).  Coffee

Lunch:   Rest of pork slices with onion, 2 very crisp Jennie-o bacon.  Ice coffee.

Snack:   NF Greek  yogurt

Supper:    Fried eggplant top with turkey tomato sauce. Sprinkle of soy  (or rice) cheese.

Snack:    NF Greek yogurt

I was surprised that dipping the eggplant in a beaten egg and fried Dukan style did very well.  Oh what a beautiful eggplant and I have more.  I think I must go ahead and cook and freeze them.  I have no choice. That or change my pv/pp.

I really think that this diet is getting more and more expensive.  The flavorings are essential.  I do not know what I will do without them but soon I will know.  Greek yogurt is high.  But it is the meat and fish that is so dear.  I do not like chicken.  Eggs are the more reasonable protein and the most versatile.  I waste veggies by not being able to have them everyday. And that makes them expensive.

I am use to having meat about once a week.  I am a lentil and rice gal.  I make may own bread.   Whole wheat, bran, and flaxseed bread.  I have peanut butter (organic),  1/2 tablespoon with my bread every morning.

How do I gain my weight?  I gain 5 to 15 lbs when I have to take steroids.  If it is in the hospital, I gain 25 to 40 lbs. ( It makes you want to kill for food when I give you large amount of steroids IV every four hours. )

Oh and yes,  I love to bake.  True I love to give my baked goods away.  But I love to eat them also.  Yes, I love ice cream.  I miss olive oil the most.

I have to figure out how much and how long this diet will take.  And how I will live with it.  Or how to adjust it to my life.



About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. your so inspiring Kath, with your inventive recipes and battling through illness too. Medication can have that knock on effect of making you gain – but at least you now why and you know that this diet works. You have great support from your sister and all your followers online. Stick with it and you will see results. Maybe the 5PV 5PP rotation would help you avoid wasting veggies?

    • Than you so much. I am hanging in there. I love the energy I had when I started. Miss that. I have a hard time after 2 pv days to go to any pp days. Thanks for idea though.
      How are you feeling? Any better?

  2. YAY on the 1 pound weight loss… that is AWESOME! You are doing great… so difficult coming off steroids.
    I tried the tofu fries tonight and you are my HERO!!! Woo hoo they were YUMMY! I ended up cooking them in the pan because my kitchen doesn’t have an oven, but I just finished them and I feel good 🙂 Thank you SO much for your ideas that you post on here!

    • So glad you liked them. Anything for a cheap PP that one can cook in a pan. How did that work? What seasonings did you use. I have an allergy to garlic, never use salt so I am really stuck at what I like on tofu. Got to get more recipes for fry pan. Have you tried vanilla crepe? Works great making small pancakes. I do admit I make a double batch and add cocoa. l love chocolate now. Very filling and feels like a treat.


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