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Dukan Diet Blues Side Effects Slide

Day  43      PP          Tuesday 184

Daily Loss:     0 lbs
Total Loss:   22 lbs
Wt. to go:     30 lbs

Breakfast    One cookies,  coffee, 1 qt water

Lunch          2 oz hamburger,  large glass skim milk

Snack           1 Tablespoon Psyllium husks with 1 qt of water

Supper        8 ounces Greek yogurt  I will try to eat more later.  I drink 1 quart of water later in the evening.

Going at zero speed.   Trying drink water.  No appetite.  Headache and constipated.  I know I need to eat more.  I would like to just relax and take it easy but unfortunately I have to get this place in order.  Ugh. Scream.

I need to get up early and take a friend to have surgery tomorrow.  May be more involved than I wish. Skin lesion.  Headache may be due to just sheer worry.

I found out last pm that word press likes to put blogger comments  in my spam folder.  So I have recovered them and want to apologize.  I also found out that blogger will not let me post comment using my word press id.  My blogger name is klucky and word press is kathlucky.  My real name is Kathleen and I survived a very complicated surgury in 1999.  A  real mircle , hence the nicknames.

I could not do this without you all.  Thank you all so much.



Dukan Diet Blues

Day 42              PP    Monday  184

Daily Loss: GAIN  +3.1  LB
Total Loss:
Wt. to go:

I know I know.  Yes I am not worried about it.  No surprise with the water weight.  Felt great til 10 am and then a ton of bricks hit me.  Exhaustion.

I am worried about  my friend, Aggie,who is having a biopsy sometime Wednesday.  I will go with her.  Yes, I need to get my food to take with me.

Breakfast:   Scrambled eggs 2 whole plus 1/4 cup whites,  coffee.

Snack:   3 slices of turkey bacon.  Jennie O. (Tastes like awful.)

Lunch:   Salmon from freezer.  Yogurt with peach flavoring.

Supper:  Meatballs with quick  sauce (skim milk cream cheese nutmeg and dry tarragon).  2 bran cookies

I am doing PP tomorrow because if possible I want my salmon and lettuce  PV on Wednesday depending on what happens in the morning.  Oh dear is that a full moon?

Dukan Diet Steady does it

Day  41                 PV           Sunday 180.9             September 11, 2011

Daily Loss:  1 lb
Total Loss:  25.1  lbs
Wt. to go:    26.9  lbs

Wishing everyone well today.  My daughter lives in Manhattan  so I of course let myself worry a bit.  She is such a dear, she sent me photo’s of a boat trip is on.  Not watching the news.  That really changed our lives didn’t it.

I was buying a bunch of things and I found bread and butter pickles SF at Kroger.  Lots of strange jello and puddings.  Got big container of dry milk but only one can of pumpkin.  One can, small was $1.99 at Target.   If I could only find rhubarb frozen.  I feel safer craving things not available but still ok to have on cruise phase.

Breakfast:  Could only find one cookie, Chocolate with coffee.  Scrambled 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of whites,  fried 3 slices of Turkey bacon.

Snack:  3 Fat free cheese slices.

Snack:  Fat free sugar free pudding.  A big mistake I think too many calories but no sugar rush.  Stupid, stupid me.

Late lunch  Hamburger patty,  sf ketchup and onion raw

Will do supper of hamburger with hot Italian sausage seasonings and two tomatoes diced.  Veggie Parm cheese.

Having a large coffee mocha drink getting ready to  go to the park and hear the drummers,  see the dancers .


Drummers young and old Entrance to Big Spring Park Huntsville Alabama


In the background on the left is my apartment building.  Stewart Horn and Ivy Joe  are drumming every Sunday weather permitting.                                                                                     Entrance to Big Spring Park

Dukan Diet Doing

Day 40   PP            Saturday  181.9       September 10,2011

Daily Loss:   0.7 lb
Total Loss:  24.1 lbs
Wt. to go:    27.9 lbs

Breakfast:  2 chocolate bran cookies, coffee

Snack:   Vicki’s chocolate scrambled eggs, so easy.  Lots of water.

Lunch:  Plain hamburger, small piece of steak.  Lots of water.  Jello/yogurt.

Snack:  yogurt  a couple of times, all with sf peach.

I may make a custard for supper, french toast with turkey bacon.

Still very congested.  Coughing.  No walking, maybe tomorrow . Really not feeling well at all.


WOW Dukan Diet Loss Again.

Day 39     PV      Friday   182.6                     Friday September 9 2011

Daily Loss:  1 lb
Total Loss:  23.4  lbs
Wt. to go:  28.6  lbs

Loss 1 Pound.  Wow.  I was hoping to  be stable.  I knew I was retaining fluid because I checked my legs but forgot to last night.  I just did not feel well yesterday and last night.  I decided not to go to exercise today.  Too much coughing.

I am looking forward to being halfway there soon.  Clothes wise I have a difficult choice.  Clothes are too large, but when to buy clothes?  There are big sales due to the change of the season.   I can live with large clothes for a long time.  I have plenty.  I will save to spend at the Destin, Florida outlets at Christmas time.  I know that I need to slow down and enjoy what is here now.

I just need to follow the program one day at a time.  Today is PV and I know I must eat more veggies to avoid the side effects.  I got some veggie last night and after giving away the sweet potato and apple.  I have a mess of green beans.  (‘mess’ means enough to cook.)  The green beans I have are called rattlesnake beans (they have blackish stripe on the green bean).

Rattle beans note the dark lines

When the bean is fully mature and a bit dry I imagine that when you shake it the beans sound like a rattle snake.  But that is just a guess.  I am going to cook it southern style, a bit of onion, some bacon (turkey) and lots of time.

1/2 onion and 3 slices of turkey bacon.

Add water or chicken broth and then time to cook down.

Note how the rattlesnake lines are gone.  This was soooo good.

I still have brocoli salad with cheese and bacon.  I did parboil it (boil in tons of water and plunge in ice water).  I makes brocoli look bright green.  This is how it looks cooling off in ice water.

Brocoli looking very green

I even timed it but it is about cooked and  I wanted green with more crunch.  Pretty.

So I always plan more than I eat.  but here is the plan.

Breakfast:  2 cups of black coffee.  2 chocolate Dukan cookies.

Snack:  Ground lean hamburger about 4 ounces with sausage spices (fennel seed, Italian mix spices, greek oregano and red pepper) cooked with large tomatoe cubed.  Sprinkle of veggie cheese and slice of veggie cheese.  12 Ounces of skim milk.

Lunch:  String beans with bacon and onion, brocoli salad,  and 3 oz of  grilled steak.

Snack:   Nf Greek yogurt flavored with sf peach flavoring.

Supper:  More Hamburger as in the am snack with milk and some veggies.

Snack:  Nf Greek yogurt flavored with sf peach.


Da Vinci coupon code and Dukan Diet Friendly Recipe

September  9, 2011

Da Vinci recipe and coupon code.

Get 10% off your entire order.  Simply enter promotion code BD2911 at checkout to receive your discount.

Please note: This discount will be applied to your order only when the code is used, so please be sure to enter BD2911 in the appropriate field when placing your order. Offer valid from 9/1/11 to 9/30/11. May be used in conjunction with our quantity discount of 10% off 12 or more bottles.


I have not tried this recipe.  I wanted to show you that the newsletter has other items that may help.

Sugar Free Cherry Cheese Pie

This is a delicious no-bake treat. Try this recipe with your favorite DaVinci Sugar Free Syrups.



In a large bowl, soften cream cheese and add the ricotta. Beat until smooth with a mixer and set aside. In a smaller bowl add DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla and Cherry Sugar Free Syrups, Splenda, and gelatin. Add 1 cup of boiling water and stir until gelatin dissolves – about 5 minutes. Add gelatin mixture to the cheeses and beat with mixer until smooth. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate until firm – about two hours. Cover in fridge over night.

Tip: I have tried this recipe with the following flavors: Cherry & Almond, and KAHLUA®. Just make sure you use 4 Tbsp. of DaVinci Gourmet Syrup.


8 servings

Dukan Diet Blues side effect

Day 38       PP           Thursday September  8, 2011

Daily Loss:  0.2
Total Loss:  22.4
Wt. to go:  29.6

The worse side effect of this diet is boredom.  It is boredom of eating just protein.  It is very easy to follow just eat low fat meat, plain.  Flavors help ever so much.

The side effects of the diet (constipation and headaches) are annoying.  Most of the time I have some energy which is new for me.  So I do not like the days that I am dragging.  Stuck in neutral and struggling to get to first gear.  This diet gives me an answer:  eat more protein, pure protein.

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch.

Salmon Salad Mama Annie's, Huntsville, Alabama

The best part of the lunch was visiting with my dear friends.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

Here is another treat I made.  I love my flavors and enjoy thinking of all I can do with Pinnapple and Coconut.  Maybe in the blender with a little skim milk, powdered milk, tons of ice plus my flavors.  MMMM

Have a wonderful day.

Too busy Too Worry on Dukan diet

Day 37      PV  Wed 183.8

Daily Loss:  gain of .2
Total Loss:  22.2
Wt. to go:  29.8

I do retain fluid no matter what I do.  I need to stay the course and not stray.

Busy day with going to meet friends for ladies’ lunch.  I will post a picture of Grilled salmon on green lettuce.  Senior discount at grocery store today.  Going to exercise class with friend today.

I had only one cookie this am and am going to save the rest just in case for after exercise.  Must finish that chicken salad today so it is mid morning snack.

So tired of tropical storm Lee.  Rain 5 days.  Now it is cloudy, no rain.  We have set records for low temperatures  for the last few days.  High of 60 degrees F yesterday.  I can not complain.  Philly is so drenched with the ground not be able to take anymore rain. Floods and more rain there.

More later.

Thinking Ahead on Dukan Diet

Day 36    PP   Tues 183.6

Daily Loss:  0
Total Loss: 22.4
Wt. to go: 29.6

No weight loss no worry.  Time to examine what I did yesterday and what I consumed.  I will then look ahead with confidence.

Water not enough water.

I am trying to drink 2 quarts of water a day.  I know that Dr Dukan  says any liquid counts but based on personal experience water does count.  During a successful diet that Sis and I were on together  (1991),  we both found that we lost weight when we were consistent with water intake.  The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to drink water.

Make that water cold to use up more calories.  Another cheap and easy thing to do.   Eating all this protein is probably hard on the kidneys so let us be good and drink plenty of water so the kidneys can work properly.  Two quarts of water is plenty.

This diet has side effects.

Unfortunately, constipation is a problem and not a pleasant one.  That problem is one that I truly hate and there is no easy answer.  Dr Dukan said in his book or on Dukan US  Facebook page, to replace one tablespoon of oat bran with wheat bran to see if that well help.  I feel less lethargic on oat bran and the change did not help.

Thinking ahead on Dukan diet is important on days when there is no weight loss.  I am looking forward to my vacation with my sister at Christmas time in Florida.

Walking on Destin, Florida beach at sunset



Dukan Diet Day 35 Happy Labor Day

Day 35                         PV day              September  5, 2011

Daily Loss:  1 lb
Total Loss:  22.4 lbs
Wt. to go:  29.6 lbs

I did not eat as much protein as I should have eaten yesterday.   I could not stand the thought of chicken after picking off some to make a salad.  Had a glass of ff skim milk and then off to do my laundry.    It took forever so I grabbed some yogurt (added coconut and pineapple sf flavoring) and frozen meatballs  instead of making my big dinner.  Jello made with yogurt for late snack.

Be careful not eating when you should and then feeling “just starved”.  Your body may start to put itself into a protective mode.

It goes like this.  

The little General, sitting on your shoulder, calls the signal and rounds up the troops and shouts:  

“Save this woman from starvation”.  “Cells!  Hang on to that ounce.  Do not let that fat get away.  We will

need that.!”  “Hey muscles!  Slow that woman down.  Save that energy.”  “Save that woman.”

If you know anything about little Generals, they get more stubborn over time.  They have a job to do

and little Generals “do not let the facts get in the way.  “

 I just love science, don’t you?

I have got to catch up on making my brocoli salad and do something with those other fresh veggies.

Breakfast 2 oat bran cookies and ff milk, coffee

Snack puree of cauliflower.

Lunch was wonderful french toast with turkey bacon, with cinnamon and splenda.  So good

Will have pork tenderloin (with shallots, touch of cherry dash of Bragg’s) and steak  (marinated in 1/2 teaspoon Pickapepper and 1 Tablespoon of  balsamic) for supper.

I am trying to have less yogurt.   I read ahead about the new PP day in the next phase of this diet.

Here is an updated Cookie recipe.


Double this recipe to make six days of Oat bran requirement


6 Tablespoons oat bran

2 Tablespoons sweetener  I use  3 to 5 packets of splenda  (edited to make sweeter) ( or to taste)

1 teaspoon baking powder  (I do not double.)

1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon or 2  rounded teaspoons of dark cocoa

2 teaspoon Greek yogurt

1 egg white

A bit of vanilla, or grated lemon or lime, or instant coffee,or nutmeg or whatever


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly with a spoon. It should not be too runny,  wait five minutes and it will thicken if needed.

Spoon out 6 cookies (one cookie for each tablespoon of bran) onto a baking tray lined with foil.

Bake for

12-15 minutes.                        IDEAS:   Make other flavors.  Add grated lemon and lime.  Cinnamon and Nutmeg                                                                                                  Vanilla bean