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Dukan Diet Steady does it

Day  41                 PV           Sunday 180.9             September 11, 2011

Daily Loss:  1 lb
Total Loss:  25.1  lbs
Wt. to go:    26.9  lbs

Wishing everyone well today.  My daughter lives in Manhattan  so I of course let myself worry a bit.  She is such a dear, she sent me photo’s of a boat trip is on.  Not watching the news.  That really changed our lives didn’t it.

I was buying a bunch of things and I found bread and butter pickles SF at Kroger.  Lots of strange jello and puddings.  Got big container of dry milk but only one can of pumpkin.  One can, small was $1.99 at Target.   If I could only find rhubarb frozen.  I feel safer craving things not available but still ok to have on cruise phase.

Breakfast:  Could only find one cookie, Chocolate with coffee.  Scrambled 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of whites,  fried 3 slices of Turkey bacon.

Snack:  3 Fat free cheese slices.

Snack:  Fat free sugar free pudding.  A big mistake I think too many calories but no sugar rush.  Stupid, stupid me.

Late lunch  Hamburger patty,  sf ketchup and onion raw

Will do supper of hamburger with hot Italian sausage seasonings and two tomatoes diced.  Veggie Parm cheese.

Having a large coffee mocha drink getting ready to  go to the park and hear the drummers,  see the dancers .


Drummers young and old Entrance to Big Spring Park Huntsville Alabama


In the background on the left is my apartment building.  Stewart Horn and Ivy Joe  are drumming every Sunday weather permitting.                                                                                     Entrance to Big Spring Park


About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. 1 pound is awesome! I see that you go for the SF things like pudding and ketchup. I’m afraid if I attempted to go in that direction, I’d go to far… so my food is way more boring than yours!

    The drumming circle looks like a blast! Did you play?!?


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