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Thinking Ahead on Dukan Diet

Day 36    PP   Tues 183.6

Daily Loss:  0
Total Loss: 22.4
Wt. to go: 29.6

No weight loss no worry.  Time to examine what I did yesterday and what I consumed.  I will then look ahead with confidence.

Water not enough water.

I am trying to drink 2 quarts of water a day.  I know that Dr Dukan  says any liquid counts but based on personal experience water does count.  During a successful diet that Sis and I were on together  (1991),  we both found that we lost weight when we were consistent with water intake.  The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to drink water.

Make that water cold to use up more calories.  Another cheap and easy thing to do.   Eating all this protein is probably hard on the kidneys so let us be good and drink plenty of water so the kidneys can work properly.  Two quarts of water is plenty.

This diet has side effects.

Unfortunately, constipation is a problem and not a pleasant one.  That problem is one that I truly hate and there is no easy answer.  Dr Dukan said in his book or on Dukan US  Facebook page, to replace one tablespoon of oat bran with wheat bran to see if that well help.  I feel less lethargic on oat bran and the change did not help.

Thinking ahead on Dukan diet is important on days when there is no weight loss.  I am looking forward to my vacation with my sister at Christmas time in Florida.

Walking on Destin, Florida beach at sunset



About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. I’m totally having probs with the constipation thing! I’m gluten intolerant so the wheat bran won’t do me any good. I’m drinking plenty of water. Any other suggestions?

    • I tried just eating mostly raw veggies pv days with my protein. I am not good with that. I get filled up too fast and did not eat much of anything else. My friend chops all different veggies up a big bowl and puts a bit of lemon juice or pickle juice. Packs it in tupper ware, carries to work to munch on all day. If you find a solution let me know.

  2. 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk a day in a glass of water!!! My cure for constipation. Good luck!


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