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Stay on Dukan Diet with More on Flavors

Dukan Diet Flavor Drawer

I had to showcase my favorite, peach.  The white top jars are flavors  Sis sent to me which include caramel, vanilla, cherry, chocolate, raspberry and  much more.  I also have my balsamic vinegar,  my cinnamon with splenda mixture, cocoa,  other flavorings that are not Dukan Diet approved  ( I am still working on reading labels looking for hidden carbs).  Please note my spray bottle of olive oil.

I keep all the stuff together for fast use and also to give me ideas.   It helps me stay on track.  I have options are so very important.  Choices is what helps a person stick to it. The Dukan diet can feel so narrow.

I keep all my measuring spoons and cups together for easier cooking.  I kept my rasp handy for grating lemon or limes, and I kept my funnel and whisk in the same area.  I have a vanilla bean there some where  (I love cool custard and have always made mine with skim milk).  So nice. Custard can be made into a drink (very Southern),  pudding, and best of all frozen.

Not pictured is my assortment of sf  jello.  I used them before I got my flavorings.  Oh and I love my jello made with half greek yogurt.  Love those treats.

About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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  1. Kath… thanks for sharing your ideas! You are definitely keeping your Dukan program interesting!!


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