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Computer Problems

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I have gained access to beyond that “A FATAL ERROR…” blue page. Temporary measure at best.

Still no weight loss. Yesterday I enjoyed my first pv day and today will be pp day.

Best Treat just discovered. I made coffee concentrate after finding some old Cubano grinds in my cabinet. I found my almost answer to not having creamer in my coffee.

Not Iced Coffee

Half glass of coffee concentrate.
Half glass of skim milk
Splenda to taste
No ice

How to make Coffee concentrate.

one cup of coffee fresh grinds.
three cups of filtered cold water

Combine and stir. Cover and refrigerate 24 hours and then stir and filter twice, if you use a french press then filter once.

Back to fixing my computer (after my walk). I really need it. I am trying to store things that will taste good for when I need in the future.

Thanks to MM for the beautiful flowers at the top of the page.

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66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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