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Last day phase one

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Well, I weigh 15 st and 1 lb. My goal weight is 10 st and 10 1/2 lbs. Which I will get to 4 days after my sister’s birthday.I have 4 days of attack and am struggling to get thru them. I know I will get use to the sweeteners.

Thanks Sis for the tip of just carrying yogurt with oat bran in a cup and run out the door. Today I added a sprinkling of crystal light stuff for flavoring and it help. A paper cup will make it easier next time. Thanks Sis.

I went to the Green Street farmers’ market yesterday to pick up some herbs and eggplant and then could not remember if eggplant was on the list of permitted food. Got it anyway and since I am so lucky, yes it was on the list. Tomorrow August 6th I will stat my first PV day. Eggplant awaiting me. Will buy lettuce tomorrow (or spinach).

Did not prepare for this diet correctly. I started because I ran out of creamer for my coffee. I decided I would just put if off if I did not just start right away. I had read about the attack phase and quickly decided I had lots of ff yogurt, some frozen meat, tons of organic eggs and oat bran, so what was stopping me. So I jumped in before I had my morning coffee.


1. Finish working on the frig. Purge and clean

2. Finish working on the cabinet. Purge and clean. Store bread making supplies to extend shelf life.

3. Finish that shopping list (When heat and budget allows.)

4. Continue

Goals this week:
1. Increase walking to 25 min a day by Monday.

2. Work on other exercise. Reconnect wii by Saturday nite.

3. Copy of permitted veggies in purse by Saturday.

4. Work on water method.

5. Sweetener problem. Test alternatives.

6. If four hours of sleep, wake up earlier 30 mins/day. till 6 am by next Wednesday.

About kathlucky

66 years old and living in Alabama. First days on Dukan diet.

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